RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA

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  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
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  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA Feature infographic
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA measurements
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA infographic
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
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  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 66" Made in USA
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RV bunk LadderWhen nighttime comes around, the world starts to go quiet. It is time for rest. It is time for relaxation. It is time to curl up in bed and drift off to sleep. If you have a bunk bed in your rig, why make the process of getting into bed harder on yourself by not having a bunk ladder? Do not let friends, family, or yourself struggle to get into that top bunk just to have a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Get the 66" bunk ladder you need with the help of RecPro!

No Strife - Easy Life

Black finished bunk ladder

No one should have to struggle to get into bed. Without a bunk ladder for your RV bunk bed, you or your guests may find themselves in the middle of an impromptu workout session just trying to get under the sheets! Not to mention, trying to climb into the top bunk without a ladder can be dangerous, especially for children. This made-in-the-USA 66" bunk ladder is the perfect way to make life in your RV easier and is available in either black or silver. When nighttime comes around, and you are tired and want nothing more than to lay your weary head down upon the bed, our 66" bunk ladder will help you get there with ease.

Constructed For Strength

Constructed for Strength

This 66" bunk ladder is engineered to provide you with the strength you can trust and rely on. Our handy 66" bunk ladder is built using high-grade aluminum metal, giving it the strength and stability needed to support the weight of people climbing up and down the bunk bed. Our 66" bunk ladder can hold a maximum weight of 250lbs and has been tested at three times that weight limit. This aluminum metal is rust-proof and resists corrosion, giving you confidence that its integrity will not be compromised over time. Additionally, the aluminum metal this ladder is made with is super lightweight, giving the ladder a total weight of only 6lbs. You will have no problems lifting this ladder to move it around. This bunk ladder measure 66" high by 13" wide by 2 1/6" deep. This ladder is not intended for outdoor use.

Rigid Structural Design

Bunk Ladder Measurements

Stability You Can Trust

Bunk ladder bracketWith our 66" bunk ladder, you will not need to worry about shakes, slips, and wobbles. Our USA-made bunk ladder is designed to give you maximum stability when being used. On the bottom of the ladder are heavy-duty rubber foot pads, which provide the ladder with a firmer grip on the floor to prevent slips and shifting. Optional mounting brackets on the top of the ladder can hook over the edge of the top bunk, securing the top of the ladder from shifting, slipping, or sliding. This ladder is designed with ergonomic 12 ¾" wide steps that offer a wide usable width of 10" for your foot to step on. On each 2 1/6" deep step are small, smooth ridges that help your foot get a better grip as you climb to help you avoid slipping or falling off. Speaking of steps, you do not need to worry about the steps on this ladder falling apart. The 0.09" thick sidebar slides through the end of each step, where a hard plastic end cap then covers the end of each step. A heavy-duty screw is then inserted through the step's end cap and the sidebar, firmly securing the two together. The result is a ladder with steps that will not wiggle, wobble, or slide around.


Take It Easy

There are plenty of things in life that can be a struggle. Getting into the top bunk of your bunk bed should not be one of those things that cause you to struggle. So, make things easier on yourself with a 66" Bunk Ladder from RecPro. Speak with our Customer Care team members or use our website to get one for your rig!


  • Made in the USA
  • Screw stability at the top
  • Includes Mounting Brackets
  • Rubber foot pads
  • Aluminum metal construction
  • Round tube thickness: 0.090” all around
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Tested at 3x the weight limit
  • Easy to install or remove
  • NOT intended for outside use
  • Ergonomic steps
    • 12 3/4" total width
    • 10" usable width
    • 2 1/6" deep
    • 0.093” thick all around
  • Ridges on each step for better grip
  • Weight Limit: 250lbs
  • Color Options: Black or Silver
  • Size: 66" H x 12 3/4" W x 2 1/6" D (steps)
  • Weight: 6lbs
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