RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA

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  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
  • RV Bunk Bed Ladder 52" Made in USA
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Ladder InstalledYou should not have to struggle and stress during your vacation. A vacation is, after all, supposed to be a time of peace and relaxation for you and your friends, family, and guests. Having a bunk bed in your RV is a great way to share that peace and relaxation. Unless you do not have a bunk ladder, of course. If your RV bunk bed is missing a handy bunk ladder, let RecPro give you a hand!

RV Bunk Ladder Features

Make Things Easier With A Bunk Ladder

made in AmericaGetting up onto the top bunk of your bunk bed can be tedious if you do not have a ladder, especially for people of more diminutive stature, such as children. In fact, trying to climb up to the top bunk of your RV bunk bed without a ladder can be downright dangerous! The last thing anyone wants is to fall to the floor and get injured just for trying to get into bed. Thankfully RecPro is here to help you out with our fantastic bunk ladder, made right here in the USA with black or silver color options.

Exceptional Construction


Our 52” bunk ladder is designed to be sturdy, robust, and reliable. This ladder is constructed using sturdy high-grade aluminum metal, which means it will not rust or corrode. This strong but lightweight metal gives this handy bunk ladder a weight of 4.6lbs, which makes it easy to pick up, adjust, or move around. Our 52” bunk ladder is not only easy to install and remove but is built to provide you with sturdiness and stability that you can put your trust in. Our heavy-duty aluminum bunk ladder has a maximum weight limit of up to 250lbs and is tested at 3x the weight limit. Our made-in-the-USA aluminum bunk ladder is 52” high by 13” wide by 2 1/6” deep.

RV Bunk Ladder

Aluminum RV Ladder

Stable And Secure

RV Ladder With BracketsMounting brackets help hold the ladder securely to the top bunk, preventing the ladder from slipping and sliding as you climb. On the bottom of the ladder are two heavy-duty rubber foot pads, which will provide a secure grip on the floor below for further stability. The ergonomic steps of our USA-made bunk ladder measure 12 7/8" in total width, with a usable width of 10 3/8". These steps are 2 1/6" deep and are lined with small, smooth ridges that give your shoes or feet a better grip to help prevent you from slipping. Each step on our bunk ladder is firmly secured and held in place to the sides by a soft plastic end cap and a screw. The end cap is attached to the end of the step, and the screw passes through the end cap and the sidebar to hold the step and sidebar firmly together. Unlike many other bunk ladders on the market, the steps on our heavy-duty RV bunk ladder will not wiggle, wobble, or shake during use. Keep in mind that our 52” bunk ladder is not intended for outdoor use.

A Step Towards Convenience

For such a simple object, a bunk ladder such as this one can significantly impact your relaxation when it comes time for rest and sleep. Don’t let yourself or guests struggle to reach that top bunk when you can make things far more convenient with this 52” bunk ladder. You can speak with our friendly Customer Care team members or use our website to get one for your rig! Any questions? Comments? You can reach out to us over the phone or online!

Bunk Bed Measurements


  • Made in the USA
  • Screw stability at the top
  • Includes Mounting Brackets
  • Rubber foot pads
  • Aluminum metal construction
    • Tube: 6063-T52
    • Step: 6063-T6
  • Round tube thickness: 0.055" all around
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Tested at 3x the weight limit
  • Easy to install or remove
  • NOT intended for outside use
  • Ergonomic steps
    • 12 7/8" total width
    • 10 3/8" usable width
    • 2 1/6" deep
    • 0.093" thick all around
  • Ridges on each step for better grip
  • Weight Limit: 250lbs
  • Color Options: Black or Silver
  • Size: 52” H x 13” W x 2 1/6” D (steps)
  • Weight: 4.6lbs
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