RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel

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  • RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel
  • RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel
  • RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel
  • RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel
  • RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel
  • RV Bumper Raw 14 Gauge Steel
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RV Bumper

Just like on your car, truck, or van, the bumper on your RV is important. It helps protect you in the case of an accident and it gives you extra space to attach items such as bike racks, grills, and more. But when your bumper is on your RV, it does more than this. At RecPro, we understand how important these pieces are to your RV, which is why we offer you this durable, high-quality option.

Made in America

Made in America, this bumper is made of strong, raw metal. Measuring 4" high by 4" wide and 92" long, this bumper is also a common area to store your plumbing hose. This hose is not something you want to be damaged or tampered with and so you want it to be protected and protected well. With this durable RV rear bumper, you can have that peace of mind. Helping to keep bugs and other pests away from the hose, it helps you maintain sanitation and cleanliness in your plumbing system. By protecting it from the rigors of the road, it helps you avoid any tears or leaks from forming. Your plumbing hose is the last thing you want breaking on your vacation, as it can lead to not only inconvenience but sanitation risks as well.

Adding this bumper also gives you options for extra space. Many RVs are small and space is limited. If you want to bring your bikes and your grill but you don't have a space to store them outside of the RV, you might have to choose between them, taking away bits of your vacation with it. With a rear RV bumper, though, you can add on a bike rack, grill, storage boxes, and more, giving you more real estate to bring along more for your adventures. You can also store a spare tire on your rear bumper, helping you avoid excess damage should an accident occur plus keeping the spare tire around if something happens to your tire.


This RV bumper is made of 14 gauge raw metal and is weld-on. When installing it to your RV, it needs to be primed and painted to prevent rust.

Bumper Cap

With the added bumper cap, you have an extra layer of protection for your plumbing hose, as it keeps out bugs and other pests while providing ventilation for your plumbing hose. If you were to drive down the road with your plumbing hose in your bumper but no bumper cap, you run the risk of letting bugs into your plumbing system, creating a very uncomfortable, unsanitary situation. Made of sturdy polyethylene, this bumper end cap fits a standard 4" by 4" bumper and has grip ribs to keep the cap secured. With the squeeze grips for easy use, it's a breeze to remove it and have access to your plumbing hose. With this extra barrier for protection, you don't need to worry about your plumbing hose being damaged during your vacation. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your RV.

bumper installed

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  • Dimensions: 92" Length
  • Dimensions: 4" Width
  • Dimensions: 4" Height
  • Made in America
  • Weld-on
  • Needs to be primed and painted
  • Raw metal
  • 14 gauge

Bumper Cap:

  • Fits standard 4" bumper
  • Provides ventilation
  • Keeps insects and other pests out
  • Squeeze grips for easy use
  • Grip ribs keep the cap on securely
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Durable
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