RV Bathroom Faucet Single Lever - Chrome

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  • RV Bathroom Faucet Single Lever
  • RV Bathroom Faucet Single Lever
  • RV Bathroom Faucet Single Lever - Chrome
  • RV Bathroom Faucet Single Lever
  • RV Bathroom Faucet Single Lever
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Your RV is like a second home. It makes sense that you would want to add your personal flair to it. One easy way to do just that is to change the standard faucet it came with, with a faucet that reflects your unique style. Switching out faucets is an easy DIY project that takes very little time and can go a long way in giving your beloved RV that "home away from home" feeling.


Our Chrome 4" lavatory faucet is perfect for enhancing your home on wheels. This is a single lever bathroom faucet, so no need to fiddle with different knobs and wheels. The lever itself turns, lifts, and lowers smoothly with little resistance, offering a large handle that is easy to grip and manipulate. The faucet itself is fitted with a durable plastic mesh that breaks up water flow for a softer stream.


This stunning 4" faucet is excellent when it comes to performance as well, putting out up to 1.2GPM (gallons per minute) or 4.5LPM (Liters per minute). The sleek base of this faucet is hardy and durable to help protect the interior components from wear and tear. The internal parts are built from a sturdy, hard plastic that can withstand plenty of water flow.


As far as appearances go, this chrome single lever faucet is a classic design that you can't go wrong with choosing. Finished in shining chrome, this faucet will become a brilliant and shining centerpiece to your RV bathroom. Its surface is smooth to the touch, making it both beautiful and easy to clean.


Other faucets don't live up to the classic design and robust performance of this lovely faucet. Feel free to use our website to get your hands on one of these faucets today, or contact our Customer Care team! Do you have any questions? Give us a call or contact us online, where we will be happy to help you.



  • Dimensions: 6 1/8" W x 6 1/2" H x 6 3/4" D
  • 4" Spout
  • 4" Centerset
  • 1.2GPM/4.5LPM
  • Durable Plastic Material
  • Chrome Finish
  • Dual Layer Mesh Filter Inside Faucet Nozzle
  • Single Lever Design
  • Standard Replacement For Most RV Bathrooms
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