RV Backsplash Arctic Stone Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick

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  • RV Backsplash Sand Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick
  • RV Backsplash Sand Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick
  • RV Backsplash Sand Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick
  • RV Backsplash Sand Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick
  • RV Backsplash Sand Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick
  • RV Backsplash Sand Mosaic Tile 12" x 12" Peel and Stick
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detailBacksplashes are amazing. They add style and charm while keeping your walls cleaner and tidy. Truly, they're a treasure. In your RV, you don't have to deprive yourself of such a great thing. With RV backsplash tiles, you have an easy way to add that special something to your kitchen or bathroom.

The most notable thing that backsplashes do is they add style to the kitchen or bathroom. From the clear-cut patterns to the metallic sheen, they make your kitchen shine and sparkle. And you don't have to stop above the stove, either. Expanding into the rest of your kitchen and into your bathroom, it adds a stylish, high-end feel to our space. This specific style of backsplash is available in an attractive copper, tan, white, and aluminum pattern, which is perfect for adding a stylish yet simple splash to your area. As an added plus, adding in a backsplash helps to visually cut up the space, helping make the area look like a put together kitchen, living area, and walk space, rather than one big jumble or space.


We all know how dirty the back of a stove can get. From the various spills and slips to the grease, steam, and various air-borne bits that end up on the wall, that part of the kitchen can get pretty bad. By adding a backsplash to this area, you can keep things looking nicer for longer, with the easy to clean material. Instead of scrubbing at the wall, hoping that the paint doesn't chip, you can wipe the backsplash with soap and water, leaving a nice, clean kitchen in your wake. Even the installation process is easy and clean. Rather than dealing with the individual tiles, the grout, and the various tools and time needed for a tile-and-grout backsplash, this stick on backsplash has three easy steps. Clean the wall, peel off the back protectant of the tile, and stick it to the wall. Easy as 1, 2, 3, it's perfect for an easy DIY project.


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  • Mosaic Tile Stick on Backsplash
  • Dimensions per tile: 12" x 12" x 1/8"
  • Square tile
  • 1, 5, and 10 pack options
  • Metallic effect
  • Colors: Copper, Tan, White, Aluminum
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • 1 pound per tile
  • Keep kitchen cleaner while adding style


Installation Instructions:

  1. Prepare the wall. Ensure it is clean, dry, flat, primed, and free of dust. If the wall is damaged or even, additional construction adhesive should be used.
  2. Measure and plan the design. Mark starting tile position on the wall.
  3. Remove the film from the back of the tile. For cut pieces smaller than 3" x 3", apply some construction adhesive on the edges (1" from the edges).
  4. Place the tile against the substrate and firmly press over it.
  5. Apply grout if required. Use caution: abrasive particles may scratch the surface.
  6. Clean tiles with a soft cloth once firmly in place.
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