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RV Awning Replacement Pull Strap

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  • RV awning replacement pull strap.
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Imagine this: You get to your camping destination after a long drive. You are tired after such a drive but ready to set up camp and enjoy the last few hours of the hot summer sun. You get your RV parked in place and pull out your outdoor chairs to relax. The air is warm, and the sun is hot, so you decide to relax in the shade made by your awning. You reach up to pull down the fabric of your awning and get it set up, only for the pull strap to pop off! Now you have to struggle to get the fabric of your awning to come down, or you may even find it impossible to do so! If your awning pull strap is looking a little worn, or you want to be prepared for an event such as this, let RecPro help you with our black nylon Awning Replacement Pull Strap.

Having things break, tear, or stop working during your camping trip is a nightmare and can put a feeling of frustration and disappointment in your whole trip. Few things are more aggravating than trying to use something you have used hundreds of times previously, only for it to break on you! If the pull strap for your RV awning looks a little frayed and damaged, it may be wise to carry one of our replacement awning pull straps with you. Doing so will let you be ready and prepared for if the unlikely event happens where your pull strap becomes damaged or tears right off.

This replacement RV awning pull strap is made of durable black nylon. This black nylon material provides the strap with a lot of strength. It will not rip, tear, or fray easily, meaning that it can offer you a long life of service. The strap itself is 1" wide and 92 1/2" long. Thanks to its small size and flexible material, this replacement pull strap can very easily be stored away until you need it. There is a cord on one end to thread into the awning roller tube track and a looped handle on the other end for easy use when you are pulling it down or putting the awning back up. If you want to be able to use the many perks of having an awning on your RV, you'll need to make sure that you have everything you need to do so. 

It is easy to think that you will never need a replacement pull strap. It is easy to believe that you take such good care of your awning that it would never become that damaged. It is understandable to feel this way, as many people strive to take excellent care of their RV and could see having a replacement pull strap as unnecessary. It is often this overconfidence that comes back to bite people! It is always better to be prepared for such an occasion, and you can easily store this replacement pull strap away if you do not need it right away.

Don't get caught with a broken awning pull strap and no way to fix it! Being prepared with one of our replacement awning pull straps could very well end up saving you a ton of frustration and headaches in the future! Look no further than our website for a pull strap to extend and retract your manual awning, or give our Customer Care team a call! Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today! We are always happy to address the questions and concerns of our customers!



  • RV Awning Pull Strap
  • Allows for easy set up and tear down of a manual RV patio awning
  • Dimensions: 3" wide x 92.5" long 
  • Extends and retracts the roller tube
  • Black nylon band
  • Includes cord to insert into awning roller tube track
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