RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble

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  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble Style
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble Style
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Skylight Cover Bubble
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Does the interior of your RV or camper feel a bit dark and gloomy? Does it feel small and cramped? Are you sick and tired of the artificial, sterile glow of LED lights in your RV? An outer dome skylight may be precisely what you need to alleviate these problems. Where can you find RV skylights? Right here at RecPro, like this 14” x 22” outer dome skylight.

Let In The Light
One of the biggest and likely most obvious advantages of having a skylight on your RV or camper is the lighting. A skylight does precisely what it sounds like it would do: it lets in natural light from the sky. This natural light, at least on a clear day, can easily wash away the artificial feeling light of your LED lights. The domed shape and natural light this outer dome skylight provide help your RV feel larger and far more welcoming.


Advantages of Natural Light
Getting some natural light from your skylight does more than look appealing. Natural light can benefit your health in several ways! Natural light helps your body produce vitamin D, a nutrient that helps with building and maintaining healthy bones. Exposure to natural light can also help improve your sleep patterns, focus, and motivation. With a few health benefits and a more spacious and welcoming RV interior, it is easy to see how this outer dome skylight can improve your RV lifestyle.

Robust Build
Our outer dome skylight is built to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors and life on the road. Our outer dome skylight is constructed using acrylic plastic, a tough type of plastic that is similar to polycarbonate. Acrylic plastic is very lightweight, so this outer dome skylight will not add much to your rig. This tough plastic material is also highly resistant to impacts, high temperatures, and harsh chemicals. The plastic dome of this skylight measures 14” x 22”, while the overall dimensions are 17 1/8” x 25 5/8” x 4 ½”. Our outer dome skylight is available in four beautiful colors: clear, white, smoke, and crackle.

Optional Inner Dome
inner domeThe outer dome skylight has many benefits to offer you, but there is more you can enjoy if you so choose. Consider the optional inner dome, for example. While the outer dome on its own is a great thing to have on your rig, there are some disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage of having only the outer dome skylight would be heating. Having only the outer dome skylight equipped on your rig allows heat to transfer in or out of your rig easily. This means that all your heat will transfer outside your rig during cold weather, and heat from the outside will warm the interior of your rig during hot weather.

This optional inner dome can help mitigate those effects, as it traps a pocket of air between itself and the outer dome to act as a form of insulation without needing to cover up your skylight. That way, you can stay warm during the winter or cool during the summer while still enjoying the natural light offered by your skylight.

skylight with inner dome

Optional Trim Ring
Having a skylight in your rig means having a big hole in your ceiling/roof. While the skylight can cover up some of that hole, the inner edges will likely still be visible and can appear quite the eyesore. Thankfully, this outer dome skylight from RecPro has an optional trim ring you can add to it. The optional trim ring sits inside your rig, covering up the inside of the hole made for your skylight. With the optional trim ring, the whole setup of your skylight will look far more appealing.



  • Outer dome skylight for your RV or camper
  • Lets in more natural light
  • Helps your RV feel larger and more welcoming
  • Acrylic plastic construction
    • Lightweight
    • Impact-resistant
    • Chemical resistant
    • Temperature resistant
  • 14” x 22” dome
  • Overall dimensions: 17 5/8” x 25 1/2” x 4 1/2”
  • Easy to install
  • Installation tools and hardware not included
  • Do not clean with acetone or acetone-based products


  • 4 Colors
    • Clear
    • White
    • Smoke
    • Crackle
  • Inner Dome
  • Trim Ring


Get The Light You Need
An outer dome skylight is an easy way to get the natural light you need. It can significantly improve your RV and camping experiences. It is easy to install, though it does not include any tools or hardware for installation. Check out our website or chat with our Customer Care Team to get a fantastic new skylight for your rig. If you have questions or comments, speak with us on the phone or online.

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