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RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch

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  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
  • RV 14" x 22" Rectangular Interior Skylight End Arch
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You didn’t get an RV or camper just to make its interior dim and dingy. Sure, your typical LED lights in your RV or camper can help illuminate the interior and make things easier to see, but the stale glow of artificial lights hardly promotes a welcoming atmosphere. A skylight can help you get the warm and welcoming light and atmosphere in your interior that you desire. Check out the 14”x22” inner dome with a window from RecPro for your skylight!

Light From The Sky
A gloomy interior illuminated by the bland, sterile glow of LED lights may help you see, but it can be a downright depressing atmosphere to live in. A skylight like this can help wash away the dreary gloom of artificial lighting by allowing natural light from the outside world to shine into your rig. Having natural outdoor light brightens the interior of your RV or camper, helping it feel far more comfortable and open. It also helps your interior feel more welcoming, should you have any guests!


Additional Benefits of Natural Light
Getting natural light from your skylight, such as our 14”x22” inner dome, can do more than help brighten up the atmosphere. Getting your fill of natural light even has a few health benefits for you. Natural light can help improve your mood, focus, and motivation. It can even help improve your sleeping patterns! Getting plenty of natural light also helps your body produce vitamin D. This vitamin is vital to the development and maintenance of healthy bones. No matter how you look at it, the natural light offered by a skylight is a clear benefit.

Better Temperature Control
Some RV and camper skylights have only one layer - an outer dome that sits on the roof of your rig. While this is effective as a skylight, it has one inherent disadvantage that warrants thinking about. Having only an outer dome on your skylight allows heat to transfer in and out of your rig very easily. An inner dome such as this sits inside your RV or camper and can help significantly reduce that heat transfer. When paired with an outer dome skylight, the inner dome will trap a pocket of air between the two. This air pocket will act as an insulator, reducing the amount of heat moving in or out of your rig. This means it will be easier to keep warm air inside during cold weather or cool air inside during hot weather.

Long-Lasting Design
Our inner dome skylight is designed for the long haul. It has been built using a material known as acrylic plastic. You have probably heard of acrylic, as it is a popular plastic material similar to polycarbonate used in many applications. Acrylic plastic is tough, offering resistance to impacts, high temperatures, and many chemicals. It is also lightweight, so this 14”x22” inner dome will not add much weight to your rig. Our inner dome skylight is white with a clear window. It is easy to install but does not come with installation tools or hardware, such as screws. Do not clean the inner dome skylight using acetone or acetone-based products, as this can damage the unit.

Enjoy The Sunshine
skyOur inner dome skylight is not a complicated affair to equip on your rig. It can easily be installed in just a few minutes using a handful of screws. Our 14" x 22" inner dome skylight does not come with screws or tools for installation. This inner dome skylight is white with a clear window to allow light in.



  • Inner dome skylight for your RV or camper
  • Lets natural light shine into your RV
  • Helps your RV or camper feel more inviting and open
  • Helps prevent the transfer of heat
  • Acrylic plastic design
    • Lightweight
    • Impact-resistant
    • Chemical resistant
    • Temperature resistant
  • 14" x 22"
  • White with a clear window
  • Easy installation
  • Tools and hardware for installation are not included
  • Do not clean with acetone or acetone-based cleaners


Enjoy The Light
An inner dome is an easy way of improving your RV or camper skylight. With the benefits offered by natural light, it is easy to see how our 14”x22” inner dome skylight can positively impact your RV life. To get a 14”x22” inner dome skylight for your rig, use our website or chat with our helpful Customer Care Team members. For any questions or comments, give us a call or reach out to us online.

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