RV 1/4" LP Gas Quick Disconnect with Plug

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  • 1/4" LP Gas Quick Disconnect with Plug
  • 1/4" LP Gas Quick Disconnect with Plug
  • 1/4" LP Gas Quick Disconnect with Plug
  • 1/4" LP Gas Quick Disconnect with Plug
  • RV 1/4"  LP Gas Quick Disconnect with Plug
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Are you looking for a way to have more control when using propane? Do you find connecting and disconnecting your propane tanks, hoses, and accessories tedious and wish it could be faster? RecPro can help you achieve that goal using our ¼: Quick Gas Disconnect With Plug.

Easy Propane Convenience

Our ¼” Quick Disconnect provides an additional measure of convenience to those who enjoy camping, tailgating, cookouts, and living the RV lifestyle. This quick gas disconnect adapter connects low pressure and low BTU propane or natural gas appliances using Quick Connect fittings. It is ideal for propane accessories such as heaters, grills, lamps, and more. The switch on top turns smoothly and allows you to easily adjust or cut off the gas flow to your appliance. Additionally, the attached rubber plug helps provide this quick gas disconnect accessory with some protection by preventing dust, dirt, insects, and other debris from building up inside.


Durable Construction

This propane accessory is built to last. This ¼” quick gas disconnect adapter is constructed entirely from brass metal. Brass metal provides several benefits, the most notable being its impressively high strength and resilience, which helps this accessory weather years and years of use and abuse. Brass metal is also utterly immune to rusting and resists the effects of corrosion.


This propane accessory features a ¼” female pipe thread on one end and a ¼” Quick Disconnect valve on the other end. The Quick Disconnect valve allows you to attach and detach hoses and appliances to your propane easily. Simply pull back on the black ring and plug in!

Additional Details

This accessory offers you a Maximum Flow Capacity of 14,000BTUs per hour when using natural gas or up to 40,000BTUs per hour when using LP propane, both at a working pressure of ½” PSIG. The Pressure Rating for this accessory is ½ PSIG, with a Temperature Range of -40°F(-40°C) to 350°F(177°C). Lastly, this accessory is ANSI Z21.41 certified.



  • Used for connecting low pressure and BTU outdoor propane appliances via Quick Connect
  • Useful for heaters, grills, lamps, RVs, and more
  • For outdoor use
  • A protective rubber plug protects the quick disconnect from dust, dirt, debris, insects, and more
  • Switch lets you turn the gas flow on and off easily
  • Solid brass construction
    • Brass metal offers superior durability and strength
    • Immune to rusting
    • Resists corrosion
  • ¼” female pipe thread
  • ¼” quick disconnect valve
  • Maximum Flow Capacity at ½” PSIG working pressure:
    • 14,000BTU p/hr Natural Gas
    • 40,000BTU p/hr Propane
  • Pressure Rating: ½ PSIG
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to 350°F (-40°C to 177°C)
  • Certification: ANSI Z21.41

Make Life Easy

Camping, tailgating, cookouts, and RVing shouldn’t be a hassle. With this small but handy propane accessory, you can make your life and adventures a little easier. Speak with our Customer Care team members or use our website if you want to get a ¼” Quick Gas Disconnect for your propane needs. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach out to us online or over the phone.

Quick Disconnect with Plug

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