RV 1/2" Barb to 1/2" Swivel Fitting

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  • RV 1/2" Barb to 3/4" Swivel Fitting
  • RV 1/2" Barb to 3/4" Swivel Fitting
  • RV 1/2" Barb to 3/4" Swivel Fitting
  • RV 1/2" Barb to 3/4" Swivel Fitting
  • RV 1/2" Barb to 1/2" Swivel Fitting
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frontOne of the best parts of traveling in an RV is the convenience of having all of the amenities of home while being mobile. This includes things like a microwave, comfortable furniture, and a bathroom. In order for these things to be functional through your trip, however, you have to check the systems that support them, whether it be structural, electrical, or plumbing. In the plumbing system, there are tons of little pieces and parts that contribute to the larger picture. On the front end of the water system, the pump pushes the water up to the toilet, shower, and faucets. Before the water gets to the pump, however, it needs to pass through the strainer. This process keeps the water clean and helps to prolong the life of the water pump, as the leading cause of water pump failure is by dirty water. To connect the PEX tubing or pressurized tubing to the strainer, though, you'll need a barb fitting. If the barb fitting on your current setup is damaged or just isn't working properly, you'll be needing a new one before you head out on your next trip.rp-1019-back.png

This barb fitting is a 1/2" fitting. NSF certified and durable, it is safe for water and meant to last. The black connector and clear barb fitting fit in well with the rest of your water system, creating a smooth connection. Connecting the strainer to the PEX or pressurized tubing, this barbed fitting is not one to ignore. If you're wanting your water system to work as best as it can, you'll need all of the pieces and parts that make that happen.


Before your fresh water gets to your various water fixtures, it will need to pass through the pump and strainer, but not before passing through the barbed fitting. To keep it all in good shape, make sure to order a new fitting if your old one isn't up to par. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!



  • Dimensions: 2"L
  • 1/2" fitting
  • Black with clear barb fitting
  • Connects strainer to PEX or pressurized tubing
  • Solid plastic construction
  • NSF certified


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