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Rich Solar 200 Watt Complete RV Solar Kit

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  • Rich Solar 200 Watt Complete RV Solar Kit
  • Rich Solar 200 Watt Complete RV Solar Kit
  • Rich Solar 200 Watt Complete RV Solar Kit
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Are you filled with the desire to spend an extended period of time in the great outdoors, far away from civilization? Investing in an off-grid electrical setup is the perfect way to help those dreams come true! And with this 200-Watt Complete Solar Kit, you can have your rig ready for wilderness living in no time!What Do You Get?

The Whole Package
This 200-watt solar kit comes complete with everything you need to get your rig set up for off-grid independence. Within this solar kit, you will find one 200-watt solar panel, one 20-amp MPPT charge controller, one 100 amp hour 12v lithium battery, one 1500-watt inverter, a set of Z brackets, solar cables, battery cables, and one 15a MC4 inline fuse. In short, you get everything you need to start up your off-grid system.

Your New Solar Panel
Your new solar panel is a key component of your off-grid setup. It is what harnesses the power of solar energy and converts it into electricity you can use. This solar panel features a total of 36 monocrystalline cells in nine busbars., providing a maximum power output of 200 watts. It is held together with a tough and lightweight anodized aluminum frame, while the tempered glass is provided with an anti-reflective coating to promote maximum light absorption. Thanks to the plug-and-play junction box, you can get your solar panel hooked up in no time.

Your New Charge Controller
Your new charge controller is just as important as the solar panel itself. The charge controller helps protect your off-grid system by regulating the voltage and current flowing from your solar panel to your battery. This 20A MPPT charge controller protects your system from overcharging and is able to handle up to 300 watts of power while charging your 12v battery. The charge controller is designed with MPPT technology, which stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking, a technology that maximizes your power output by allowing the solar panel to operate at its optimal voltage and current. This charge controller is built with an easy-to-read LCD screen that provides you with real-time updates on your volts, amps, and amp hours, letting you check up on your system with a quick look.

Your New Lithium Battery
Gathering a bunch of power from the sun won’t do you much good if you don’t have somewhere to store it all. Thankfully, this solar kit comes with a fantastic 12v lithium battery! Thanks to its 5000-cycle life capacity, this battery can offer a 10-year lifespan with proper maintenance. Also helping this battery last longer are built-in protections from overcharging, discharging, over current, short-circuit protection, and even high and low-temperature disconnects.

Your New 1500W 12V Inverter
This inverter is optimized for 12v DC systems, making it perfect for your RV off-grid system. It offers high-quality waveform with impressively low harmonic distortion, as well as overload protection for DC input and AC output. High-speed ventilation fans keep the inverter cool while remaining quiet. The 1200W inverter features bright LED indicator lights for under-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, over-load protection, and short-circuit detection.

Get Your Off-Grid Adventures Started
Providing everything you need for an efficient off-grid setup, this 200-watt Complete Solar Kit will help you start your off-grid living adventures without delay and with little effort! Use our website or call our Customer Care Team today to order yours!


  • Solar Panel
    • 200-Watt maximum power output
    • 36-cell monocrystalline panel
    • 9 busbars
    • 0~+5W positive power tolerance
    • 19.9% max efficiency
    • Lightweight anodized aluminum frame
    • Anti-reflective coated tempered glass
    • Plug-and-play junction box
  • Charge Controller
    • 20A
    • MPPT technology
    • Check your power with a quick look
    • Real-time updates of volts, amps, and amp hours
    • Protects your system from overcharging
    • Can handle up to 300W while charging a 12v battery
    • Easy To Read LCD screen
  • Lithium Battery
    • 5000 cycles
    • 10-year lifespan
    • Integrated smart battery management system
    • Overcharging & discharging protection.
    • Over current & short circuit protection.
    • High & low-temperature disconnects
    • 100 Amp Hour
    • Charge Voltage: 14.6V
    • Max Charge Current: 50 A
    • Max Discharge Current: 100 A
  • 1500W 12v Inverter
    • Optimized for 12v DC systems
    • High-quality waveform with exceptionally low harmonic distortion
    • Overload protection for both DC input and AC output
    • High-speed ventilation fans
    • LED indicators for
      • Under-voltage protection
      • Over-voltage protection
      • Over-temperature protection
      • Over-load protection
      • Short circuit indication


  • 1x 200W 12V Panel
  • 1x Z Brackets
  • 1x 20A MPPT Charge Controller
  • 1x 100AH 12V Lithium Battery
  • 1x 1500W 12V Inverter
  • 1x 30’ 10 AWG Solar Cable Set
  • 1x 10’ 10 AWG Battery Cable Set
  • 1x 15A MC4 Inline Fuse
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