Replacement Eurochair Wood Base Ring

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  • Eurochair Wood base Ring
  • Eurochair Wood base Ring
  • Eurochair Wood base Ring
  • Eurochair Wood base Ring
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Ah, the Euro chair. Don't you love how it reclines easily when you sit down to relax? And don't you love just how soft and comfortable that fabric is? And for the look? Oh man, it looks so nice in your RV, you would think it was built just for it. With all of these good things, what's not to love about your Euro chair? One thing that could make you love it less is when something goes wrong. If something fell and scratched the wooden base or maybe liquid was spilled on it and the wooden base now has a stain on it, this might impact how you feel about that beautiful base and the Euro chair as a whole. Does this mean you'll have to go out and get an entirely different chair? Not at all! With our furniture replacement parts, you can keep on reclining and swiveling in no time at all! The wooden base replacement part fits right in with your original Euro chair while offering it a new lease on life. Don't just let your Euro chair deal with its situation; order a replacement wood base ring and let it live again!

The wooden base on your Euro chair is an important part of its aesthetic. Even if you don't see it, though, you don't want it to become damaged. If something has happened, you don't need to buy a whole new chair. With this replacement part, you can get your chair looking great and working great again. The base is the same model base that came with your chair and is easy to install. To install it, place the chair on its side and remove the ring base and the spacers. Then, un-bolt the old wooden base from the rest of the chair and replace it with the new wooden base. Replace the spacers and the ring base and make sure everything is stable.

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  • Replacement base for Euro Chair
  • Wooden base
  • Exact fit with original base for Euro Chair
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