Replacement Euro Chair Ring Base Spacer

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  • Euro Chair Ring Base Spacer
  • Euro Chair Ring Base Spacer
  • Euro Chair Ring Base Spacer
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One of the best parts of going on vacation is enjoying relaxing in a recliner with a good book or watching TV. Maybe you've got a soda in your hand or maybe you're just taking a nap. Either way, having a comfortable place to sit down and lean back is key in making your vacation relaxing. If your Euro chair has a broken piece, however, this can become a difficult task. If the spacers on your recliner chair are broken, it could lead to a rocky recline or a not-too-great swivel. Making sure everything works, like these spacers, is important in reclining safely and comfortably. But just because it isn't working right, doesn't mean you'll have to throw out the chair and buy a new one. Instead of going through all that time and effort, just stop by our furniture replacement parts and get a new Euro chair ring base spacer. With the proper part and just a little bit of time, you'll be back to reclining on your chair, drinking in the sun and summer.

On your Euro Chair, the ring base spacers give stability to the freedom, helping you swivel and relax safely. If these become damaged, though, they need to replaced as soon as possible. These replacement pieces measure about 1" square, the same size as the pieces that came with them. Because they are the same model and color, they will fit seamlessly into the original chair and no one will ever know that they are replacements. To install them, place the chair on its side and remove the black ring base. Then, remove the faulty spacers and replace them with the new ones. After they are in, place the ring base back on and snap the spacers into place.

If your Euro chair ring base spacers have seen better days, have no fear! Just stop on by and order a replacement part so that you can recline safely and comfortably again! Have any questions? Contact us online or call our Customer Care team today!


  • Replacement ring base spacers for Euro Chair
  • Dimensions: approx 1" square
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