RecPro Ultrafabrics Brisa Furniture Swatch Sample

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  • RecPro Ultrafabrics Brisa Furniture Swatch Sample
  • RecPro Ultrafabrics Brisa Furniture Swatch Sample
  • RecPro Ultrafabrics Brisa Furniture Swatch Sample
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Try before you buy. It's a phrase that applies to a good number of things. Drive the car before you buy it. Try the ring on before you decide it's the right one. Sit on the chair before you take it home from the store. What many places do not offer, however, is the option of checking out colors and textures for furniture sets in person. We understand that buying furniture online can be daunting, especially when it comes to whether the colors will look good in your RV's interior. That's why we have our sample swatch packets. If you're wondering whether the Ultrafabrics® Brisa® fabric would look as good in person as it does on the website, then this sample packet is the solution for you.

By looking at the colors in person and feeling them yourself, you can make an informed decision on buying your sofa or recliner, leaving you more satisfied and with better peace of mind. It comes with one swatch of our Ultrafabrics® Brisa® fabric, in your choice of coffee bean, birch, onyx, ash, or desert sand. The fabric is super soft and highly durable, which is perfect for luxury RV travel. And with our Brisa® options, you can even match your Captain's chairs to your modular powered furniture, creating a nice, streamlined interior color scheme.

Have any questions? Contact us online or call one of our helpful team members in the Customer Care Department and order your swatch today!

Ultrafabrics® Brisa®:

  • Birch
  • Coffee Bean
  • Ash
  • Onyx
  • Desert Sand
  • 300,000 Double-Rub Wyzenbeek Rating 


*Colors on the website may not look the same under your RV's lighting. It's best to compare the swatch sample to your RV's interior before purchase*

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