RecPro Trailer Single Axle Lift Kit 3" Torflex Lift Kit Made in USA

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  • Trailer Single Axle Lift Kit 3" Torflex Lift Kit
  • 3" Torflex Lift Kit
  • Trailer 3" Torflex Lift Kit
  • Trailer 3" Torflex Lift Kit
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When you need to raise the trailer frame to avoid clearance issues with the axle, count on the build quality and durability you'll receive from the RecPro Single Axle Torflex Lift Kit. This kit includes all of the hardware you'll need to install it quickly and safely, including the metal spacers and mounting hardware. This kit is compatible with #10 Torflex axles that have a weight capacity of between 2,300 and 4,000 pounds. With the extra 3 inches of additional clearance between the frame of the trailer and the axle that our kit provides, you can avoid a number of problems while traveling with your trailer. Each kit contains the two #10 frame spacers along with eight washers, eight locking hex nuts, and eight hex screws. The distance between the bolt holes in the frame spacers is 8 inches (based on the center of each hole). Detailed instructions are included as well, allowing for a safe installation of the trailer axle lift kit. Understand that this kit is only compatible with side mount brackets on the trailer frame and it will not work with top mounted axles.

Quick & Safe Installation 

Torflex lift Kit measurements

Items included in kit:

  • #10 frame spacers (2)
  • Plain washers (8)
  • Locking hex nuts (8)
  • Hex screws (8)
  • Made in USA

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