RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool

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  • RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool
  • RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool
  • RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool
  • RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool
  • RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool
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When you measure companies against others in the RV industry, what makes some stand out while others fade into the background? Do the companies that stand out in your mind have better quality products? Do some have good customer service while others do not? How about companies that provide both and more? That's what we strive for at RecPro. Our service and product lines prove just that. We want to make sure that our customers are covered at the start of, during, and after their purchases. That's why we provide a multitude of products for our clients and extend after purchase support with replacement parts. Sometimes, stuff happens that you can't plan for and when they do, we're here with replacement parts to help mend the situation.

One way we extend the life of our products is with a stock of thread line for our luxury Charles modular furniture collection. Our thread, while functional in many applications, is perfect for repairing stitching and wear on RecPro furniture. The spools match the original stitching of the furniture in our designer colors of putty, chestnut, rich mahogany, and toffee. The RecPro RV Furniture Thread 1000M Spool has passed through rigorous testing and quality monitoring to ensure your furniture repair is as good as new and that the colors of the replacement thread won't fade over time.

Even the most durable items earn their dents and dings over years of constant use. For a quality repair of quality furniture, use some of this tough thread from RecPro. It will match your furniture and keep it looking like new. We keep it in stock so when a furniture emergency happens, we can get help on the way within a day. So if your furniture gets a tear or if the stitching gets damages, don't hesitate to get the replacement thread to get it back to looking great.

Call our Customer Care Team to order yours today! Have any questions? Contact us online or give us a call!

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  • Length: 3280 ft. (1000M)
  • Colors: Mahogany/Chestnut, Toffee, Putty, Oatmeal, and Fossil
  • Fade Resistant
  • Rigorously Tested
  • Blends with your RecPro Furniture
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