RecPro RV Flooring Adhesive

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  • RecPro RV Flooring Adhesive
  • RecPro RV Flooring Adhesive
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Floor adhesive

NOTE: This adhesive will not work if you are trying to install carpet flooring to an aluminum or fiberglass deck. You will require a solvent based glue for this application; water based glue needs to evaporate in order to form a bond and the carpet with an aluminum/fiberglass deck will not allow the necessary airflow for bonding.

NOTE: We will not ship glue if the temperature is under 32 degrees F. We will ship once there is a break in the weather and we are able to do so.

Made in AmericaWhen applying new flooring to your RV, you'll need the right kind of adhesive for the job. This RV flooring adhesive is used for vinyl, TPO, carpets, coin flooring, and many other flooring membranes. The marine grade glue makes it great for boat flooring and other surfaces that may come in contact with water. No need to worry about water damage with this adhesive. Be aware, though, that this glue is water-based and is not recommended to be applied to fiberglass and aluminum. It should be applied directly to plywood and it's important to let the glue soak into the plywood and evaporate some to create a strong bond between the flooring and plywood. The best temperature to apply this glue in is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the flooring has been applied, make sure to use a steel roller to force the flooring down and remove any air pockets and wrinkles. After you are done, let the flooring sit for 24 hours before using it. This adhesive comes in 1-gallon buckets, which covers about 100 square feet of space when applied with a notched trowel.

For a great adhesive that will give you a solid stick and keep your floors looking nice for years to come, check out our RV Flooring Adhesive. Waterproof and easy to spread (due to its liquid form), it's an easy application and durable hold. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • 1-Gallon bucket
  • Made in USA
  • Covers appox. 100 sq ft
  • Suitable for vinyl, TPO, carpets, coin flooring, wood, and many other flooring surfaces
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