RecPro RV Extreme Duty Indoor/Outdoor Textured Motorhome Carpet

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RecPro Extreme Duty Indoor/Outdoor Textured RV Carpet (10 foot minimum)

This tough but soft carpet is perfect for any heavy-duty application. It's great for both RV and marine use, meaning you can use it to make your favorite vehicle a bit more comfortable. Available in 4 colors, you can use this carpet to really spruce things up and help your RV feel more like a home.

This decadent carpet comes in an 8-1/2' wide roll (102 inches). If your RV or boat is smaller than 8', you can still easily trim off any excess carpet with scissors. Use the quantity box to specify how many feet you need, with a 10-foot minimum.

RV Carpet

The Finest RV Carpet
RecPro RV Extreme Duty carpet is the best RV carpet you can find. It's thick, comfortable, and durable. This is because it's a 28oz carpet. Comfortable RV CarpetThe higher the weight of the carpet, the more durable and comfortable it is.

Rubber Backed For Mixed Use
We understand that you don't want spills to make their way to your RV floor  or maybe you want to use this carpet on your marine vehicle instead. That's why RecPro's Extreme Duty RV carpet has a rubber back. You can glue it down with ease and keep your vehicle safe.

RV Carpet Specs
Our Extreme Duty RV carpet is made from 100% UV stabilized polypropylene. It's got a denier of 2600 and is backed by a tight woven polypropylene weave. The rubber backing is made of SBR marine latex to ensure spills don't ruin your vehicle.

Caring for Your RV Carpet
The Extreme Duty Textured RV carpet is very stain resistant and easy to clean. In order to take care of it properly, be sure to quickly blot stains immediately after they happen and clean the affected area with soap and warm water. Regular vacuuming is also a must. By following these basic procedures, you'll keep your RV's carpet looking beautiful for many years.



  • 28oz. luxurious carpet for RV and marine use
  • 8-1/2' wide (102")
  • Can be easily trimmed
  • 10 foot minimum

 ***This flooring is not suitable for animals or livestock.***

How to Install New Carpet in Your RV

  • First, you'll need to strip out all of the old carpeting from your vehicle. Be sure to clean off any adhesive as best you can. Examine the deck of your RV and fill any voids or holes with putty, filler, or another material. All of these steps are important to ensure that you can install your new carpet flawlessly.
  • Once you've cleaned and prepared your vehicle, roll out the carpet and inspect it for any imperfections. At RecPro, we do our best to make sure that all of the carpets we sell are suitable for your use, but we'll sometimes miss a flaw or two. If you find any issues with your carpet, give us a call before you install it and we'll be happy to replace it.
  • Next, fold the carpet in half. By folding it in half, you'll give yourself a comfortable surface to stand on while you apply glue to the exposed part of your vehicle. Normally, you'll use about 1 gallon of glue for every 8' by 12' area you're going to carpet. Spread it out evenly with a paint roller and make sure that you don't leave any spots dry. Once you're done, unfold the carpet and quickly move it into the proper position. You won't have a lot of time before the glue sets.
  • Before you repeat this process with the other half of the carpet, there's one more step you'll need to perform. Using a heavy roller, a carpet roller, or a heavy pipe, press the carpet down against the floor of your vehicle, hard. This will help the glue find its way into ridges on the back of your carpet. If you have trouble getting your carpet to stick, it's usually because you didn't perform this step well enough. You really want to press things down hard. After you've done the first half, all you need to do is repeat this process for the rest of your vehicle.
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