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  • RecPro Product RV Catalog
  • RecPro Product Catalog
  • RecPro Product Catalog
  • RecPro Product Catalog
  • RecPro Product Catalog
  • RecPro Product Catalog
  • RecPro Product Catalog
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Does anyone else remember the days of lying on the floor flipping through the Sears catalog looking at all the toys and tools? Dog earing the pages of the items you want Mom to notice when she goes through it. Maybe even circling those that you need to add to your Christmas List? Even though as a society we are trying to get away from these handheld devices, it is still nice to have them every now and then. While a website can be accessed anywhere at any time, if you aren't currently looking at it, then we might not be on your mind.

When you power down for the night but your eyes pop open and you ask “Does RecPro carry this?” And then your next thought might be, “I wish I had a catalog so I don’t have to go get my phone or turn on my computer to look this up”. Well, worry no more, because we agree – there should be a handy booklet that you can keep in your “everything” drawer with the screwdriver and flashlight that has a sampling of the products we offer for you, such as our RV furniture. Or, better yet, you can put one in the hands of your neighbor who is asking “where did you get that?”

This colorful booklet has a spattering of our latest and most loved products. Packed with plenty of information and great ideas for your next project. Feel free to circle what you are putting on your wish list and leave it strategically placed for your honey to find.

Call or click today, to get one of these handy little booklets. Since they are free, go ahead and get two so you have one to keep and one to give!


  • Dimensions: 8 ½” L x 5 ½” W
  • Full Color
  • White Space for Notes
  • Packed with Pictures
  • Decked out with Details
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