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RecPro Michael 72" EZ-OUT™ RV Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth

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  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth
  • RecPro Charles 72" Easy-Out Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth


RV Furniture

Do you want to relax in your RV after a long day of hiking and swimming? And do you want to have a place for guests to sleep if they come over for a visit? But do you want to settle for a furniture set up that only allows for one of these options? If you've answered these with a yes, yes, and a no, then we have a treat for you. While older hide a beds are common and try to solve this problem, they often don't do a great job. The sleeper sofas that come direct from the manufacturer are often difficult to work, not space-efficient, and just aren't comfortable. Here at RecPro, we want to give you furniture that does all of this and more. We want to help you create a camping experience that will put others to shame. We want you to relax in comfort whether you're sitting or lying down. And with the RecPro Michael 72" EZ-OUT™ Trifold Sleeper Sofa in Cloth, you can.

Multifunctional furniture is a key to efficient use of space in an RV. Bulky armchairs and chunky bunk beds mean you have only an average amount of comfort but less space to walk around. Pieces that serve multiples functions and those that prioritize your space are pieces that add to your experience; not take away from it. When it comes to sleeper sofas, the EZ-OUT™ Trifold is multifunctional and space-efficient while still keeping comfort and style at the front of the mind.The EZ-OUT™ Trifold sofa allows you to easily move it back and forth between bed and sofa and is also easily installed. It comes one box that can fit through a 25" RV door opening and is set up inside of the RV. And when we say it's set up, we mean you just flip up the back and place the back cushions. Literally just that. Once it's ready, it's as easy as one fluid motion to switch between the bed and the sofa. Just pull up on the seat cushion to pull out the bed and push it back in to go back to the sofa. The spring-loaded internal mechanisms make it easy to return the cushions to the sofa, as you just pull up from the ground and let the internal mechanisms guide them safely back into the couch. Simple to set up and easy to use, it makes having guests over quick and simple.

The cloth fabric covering adds even more comfort to the piece. Available in Oatmeal and Fossil, you can choose the option that best fits your RV and your personality. Durable as well as water and UV light resistant, this cloth fabric material is designed to stand up to the life of normal RV use. It's especially nice in the summer when sweat becomes enemy number one. Sitting on leather cushions might be comfortable until they're pooling your sweat and making you stick to the seat. If you're like most people, that doesn't exactly sound like the best way to spend your time. With the cloth fabric material, you can avoid this and relax in comfort. The fill also lends itself to comfort and support, as it's made of our bounce-back memory foam combination fill.

If you're ready to add comfort, ease, and style into your rig, stop on by and check out our EZ-OUT™ Trifold sofas. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today! 

RecPro's EZ-OUT Trifold

Cloth - Industry Leading 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • 3-year limited warranty on structural components, springs, and mechanism.
  • 3-year limited warranty on RecPro Cloth and thread.
  • 1-year warranty on mechanism actuator. (Cable Release)
Additional Fabric Information And Ratings:
  • Made in China
  • 200,000 Double Rub (Wyzenbeek Rating)
TFC-72 Measurements


  • Our EZ-OUT™ mechanism allows this chair to convert into a bed and back with one simple, yet satisfying motion
  • Thick cushioning prevents discomfort caused by metal bars or frames below the mattress
Click here to order a RecPro Furniture Swatch Sample

*Please note, depending on the type of display you are using, color of sofa may be slightly altered.*


  • Dimensions (Sofa): 34"D x 39"H x 72"W
  • Dimensions (Bed): 71"D x 18"H x 60"W
  • Dimensions (Stationary legs): 1 1/2" D x 3 1/4" H x 3 3/8" W
  • Dimensions (Legs on bed portion): 3/4" D x 4 1/2" H x 2 3/4" W
  • (No clearance needed from wall)
  • Material: Cloth Fabric
  • Colors: Oatmeal, Fossil
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in one box
  • Fits through a 25" door frame
Please note, the legs on the bed portion and the legs on the sofa portion may not be completely flush with one another in the sofa configuration.



*We do not condone using seat belts with our furniture unless they are installed by a licensed RV dealership. Doing so improperly may void the warranty.

*Keep the bed free from any items before placing the cushions back into the sofa. Only grab the seat cushions from the front, rather than the center or back cushion or from the sides of the front cushion. Do not stand on the back cushion while open in the bed form; this will cause the cushions to start to transition back into the sofa.*

*Any modification outside of manufacturer's suggested use (including, but not limited to, adding or removing mounting hardware, seat belts, brackets, clamps, etc.) immediately voids all warranties and waives liability from the manufacturer and all their subsidiaries*

*Please note: lighting, decor, and interior design may slightly alter color appearance of sofa.*

*We round up to the nearest inch of the piece*

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