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RecPro Michael 62" EZ-OUT™ RV Trifold Sleeper Sofa

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  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat
  • RV Trifold 62" RV Sofa Bed RV Loveseat


Space is limited in an RV. We all know this. To help you solve this problem, you invest in storage solutions, clever ways of organizing your floor plan, and finding items that are multipurpose. In the furniture area, many people opt for a sofa that can double as a bed. If you aren't one for the jackknife and you just don't want the hassle of a sleeper sofa, then there is yet another solution you can try. Sleek and attractive, comfortable and supportive, durable and efficient, the Trifold sofa solves the problem of space without adding hassle or an uneven bed to the mix. Now, when you've stopped for the night or when you have a guest stay the night with you, you have a comfortable place to sleep that can vanish as easily as it appeared.

The Trifold sofa bed works through its high-quality internal mechanisms that allow the seat to pull out of the sofa and extend to the ground while allowing the back to fold down onto the seat. These EZ-OUT™ Trifold sofas work with a smooth motion of pulling the seat cushion up and setting it on the floor. Simple as that. Easy to use and easy to enjoy, this sofa bed turns what was once a dreaded task into a simple transition. With the space-saving quality of the design, you can have more room to walk, talk, and enjoy your vacation. It is easy to install and easy to move into your RV. All of our furniture is designed to fit through a 25" door frame, ensuring you a stress-free installation.

Once installed, you can be sure that it will last through all your mountain adventures, sandy trips, and campsite visits. With the high-quality internal mechanisms comes a great 3-year warranty to give you security and peace of mind. Built to withstand the road rigor that comes with RV travel, the internal components are tough. And it's not just the internal parts that are durable; the fabric is as well. If there's anything that our customers have raved about the most, it would be our "buttery soft" Suprima leather fabric. Soft, flexible, and durable, the Suprima leather fabric is resistant against water and UV light, helping to extend the lifespan of your sofa and the duration of your adventures. With the high durability of the fabric, you don't need to worry about cracking and peeling, as you would with most other leather furniture. Easy to clean with our 303 cleaner or with a damp rag, our Suprima fabric is built to last.

Last but certainly not least, the Trifold sofa bed has one more ace up its sleeve. The contemporary style and design mixed with one of our four designer colors creates a beautiful aesthetic that fits in with any RV interior while adding a spark of style to your space. Available in our four designer colors Chestnut, Mahogany, Toffee, Gunmetal, and Putty, the Trifold sofa bed is an attractive piece that will make your RV feel even more comfortable and relaxing.

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EZ Out


  • Dimensions (Sofa): 34"D x 39"H x 62"W
  • Dimensions (Bed): 71"D x 18"H x 50"W
  • Dimensions (Stationary legs): 1 1/2" D x 3 1/4" H x 3 3/8" W
  • Dimensions (Legs on bed portion): 3/4" D x 4 1/2" H x 2 3/4" W
  • Material: Suprima leather
  • Colors: Mahogany, Chestnut, Toffee, Putty, and Gunmetal
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Fits through a 25" door frame
  • Please note, the legs on the bed portion and the legs on the sofa portion may not be completely flush with one another in the sofa configuration.
  • *We do not condone using seat belts with our furniture unless they are installed by a licensed RV dealership. Doing so improperly may void the warranty.

Suprima Soft-Touch Leather - Industry Leading 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • 3-year limited warranty on structural components, springs, and mechanism.
  • 2-year limited warranty on Suprima Soft-Touch leather and thread.
  • 1-year warranty on mechanism actuator. (Cable Release)
Additional Fabric Information And Ratings:
  • Made in China
  • 200,000 Double Rub (Wyzenbeek Rating)
  • 5 year Hydrolysis Rating
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