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RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide-a-Bed

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  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed
  • RecPro Charles 80" RV Sleeper Sofa with Hide A Bed


*Memory foam mattresses ship separately and may arrive at a different time than the Hide-a-Bed Sofa.*


The RV world is plagued with diminishing real estate. Anyone who has owned a recreational vehicle for any amount of time realizes how limited the available space is. Even if you have a more massive rig, you will still find yourself looking for enough room for everything you need. Of those needs, the one crucial thing that's always missing: sleeping space.

With sleeping areas at a premium, designers have had to come up with ingenious ways to create resting spaces where they did not exist before. While they have found some interesting solutions to this problem, such as turning dinettes and dinette tables into beds, the comfort levels of these items have always been questionable. The older Hide-a-Bed, an industry standby, isn't always the best option. Yes, it is convenient to have a bed inside of your RV sofa, but when you are sleeping on a scratchy cloth surface with hard metal bars in your back, the convenience means little. RecPro and our design team created a solution for you. The 80" Charles Hide-a-Bed Sleeper Sofa.

What is it about the Charles hide-a-bed that sets it apart from the competition? First, it has the Charles design and construction that makes the line as amazing as it is. The sturdy metal frame is both durable and lightweight, keeping your furniture working great while not weighing down your rig. The contemporary design with the Charles designer color palette keeps your interior looking fresh and in style as well. The colors in this palette include:

  • Putty
  • Mahogany
  • Chestnut
  • Toffee

Still aren't sure about the fabric? Follow this link to order your sample packet! (Click here to order a RecPro Furniture Swatch Sample)

You will also get the buttery soft Suprima leather with the elegant "scaled" Tiona pattern that blends with virtually every design style. Sleeping or sitting on this furniture piece will be as comfortable as it is easy with this smooth material. While this sofa-bed with its modern design looks as if it might only be about aesthetics, it possesses a foundational quality that is rarely found in other furniture choices in the aftermarket industry. Strength and longevity are the cornerstones of the Charles line.

The internal construction of the all-metal bed frame is sturdy enough to support two adults but is designed so well that it can easily be pulled out of the couch frame with just one hand. The luxury furniture from RecPro has been rigorously tested over the years. We made sure that these pieces were exposed to the worst that the road had to offer and that it stands up to it all and will exceed your expectations. If you're tired of buying a couch that breaks as soon as you take it out on the road, the Charles line is the answer for you.

Of course, a bed without a mattress is hardly what one would call comfortable or useful. Thankfully, our Hide-a-Bed Sleeper Sofa comes with a plush mattress you are sure to love. Equipped with the 80” Sleeper Sofa is a mattress measuring 60” Wide x 71” Deep x 5” Thick, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and relax. This mattress is filled with plush bamboo ticking - a natural material with naturally antibacterial properties. The bamboo ticking will mold itself to the shape of your body to provide superb comfort and even helps absorb moisture with ease. Further increasing your comfort is the gel infusion this mattress is built with. This gel infusion is engineered to help you stay cool and comfortable as you rest, even during hot summer nights. The unique design of our Hide-a-Bed provides you with great comfort. The end of the bed has a gentle upward slope due to the supports lifting the end to prevent drop-off. This gentle slope is great for relaxing on or perhaps getting in some light reading before bed.

In the comfort category, the Hide-a-Bed is hard to beat. Our patented fill and Suprima leather covers this couch. With a set of padded armrests (where many have hard, fabric-covered arms), generously padded backrest, and supple cushioning, you and your guests will spend many a comfortable night relaxing on our RecPro Hide-a-Bed.

Comfort, luxurious style, and construction that will last through time are all things you can look forward to when you purchase your own 80" hide-a-bed from RecPro. Call one of our friendly Customer Care associates and order yours today. Have any questions? Contact us online or give us a call!


  • Suprima fabric
  • Color options: Toffee, Putty, Chestnut, Mahogany
  • Overall Dimensions of Sofa: 80"W x 36"H x 34"D
  • Bed Dimensions: 60"W x 5"H x 71"D
  • Easy to clean material
  • Easy metal pull-out bed frame
  • Mattress included: 5" thick Memory Foam Mattress
    • Cooling gel infused
    • Natural bamboo ticking
    • Absorbs moisture
    • Natural antibacterial properties
  • Overall Depth with the bed out: 89"
  • Weight: 240 pounds
  • Click here to order a RecPro Furniture Swatch Sample

If you'd like to see how this piece fits in with your RV floorplan, you can check out our virtual drag and drop seat configurator at!

*We do not condone using seat belts with our furniture unless they are installed by a licensed RV dealership. Doing so improperly may void the warranty.

*The end of the bed has a gentle slope upward due to the supports lifting the end to prevent drop-off*

*We round up to the nearest inch of the piece*

All furniture is designed to fit through a 22" door opening


Suprima Soft-Touch Leather - Industry Leading 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • 3-year limited warranty on structural components, springs, and mechanism.
  • 2-year limited warranty on Suprima Soft-Touch leather and thread.
  • 1-year warranty on mechanism actuator. (Cable Release)
Additional Fabric Information And Ratings:
  • Made in China
  • 200,000 Double Rub (Wyzenbeek Rating)
  • 5 year Hydrolysis Rating
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