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RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat

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  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat
  • RecPro Charles 58" Powered Double RV Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa RV Loveseat


58" RV Sofa

Powered LoveseatIt's been a long day out in the wilds. You've been hiking the Appalachian Trail since before the sun came up and you didn't stop until it settled behind the peak of Clingman's Dome. Your dogs are barking and you just want to get into your Class "C" and grab some Class "A" relaxation. You used the last bit of energy you had to take a cramped shower and fix yourself some supper. You drop into the factory-provided recliner in your RV and try to use the recline function. Nothing happens as you, in your weakened state, work to get the rusty and poorly constructed mechanism to open up. Try as you might, it stays steadily in place. What can you do? How will you lift your tired legs into a position of relaxation? Don't worry. The family at RecPro is about to help you put some power back into your life.

Is it a miracle pill? Are we going to bring some long-forgotten comic book superhero into the picture to use her mystical arts to cure what ails you? No. What is this solution that we offer? How about a top-of-the-line luxury recliner set that not only hugs you with supportive and buttery soft padding, but also does all of the work for you when it comes time to relax? What is this magic we speak of? It's the Charles 58" Power Recliner.


The power recliner is the next step in the evolution of the Charles luxury RV furniture line. It's an innovation that's a leap into the future of furniture while giving an nod to all of the successes of the past.

Suprima Leather Furniture Swatch

What’s the same:

So, what has stayed the same with this power loveseat set? Let's start with the Charles style. It has the same bold style that all of the other pieces in the Charles line come with. Amply-padded arm and headrests are still present in this chair. The buttery soft (our customer's words, not ours!) patterned leather (100% polyurethane) still wreathes the entire piece, giving plenty of soft and stable comfort as always. You can still get this loveseat in the familiar designer colors:

  • Putty
  • Chestnut
  • Mahogany
  • Toffee

Not only are the colors of the Charles line compatible with nearly every interior of recreational vehicle on the market, but we also offer thread-matching spools and material so that if you want to personalize your furniture even further with your own upholstery scheme, you can! The scaled (or "crazed") pattern fits in easily with a multitude of looks so you don't have to worry about your pieces sticking out from the rest of your décor.

We also kept the modular pattern of our units intact with the new power chair/loveseat. We know that not every RV is created the same so we wanted to give our clients the ability to keep customization as a choice while adding a lot of extras to this piece. With so much still the same with the recliner, how did we step up the game to take this piece to the next level? Well, we added a bit 'under the hood' and beefed up some of the amenities so that this recliner adds a whole lot of "extra" to your recreational vehicle and your relaxation!


What's new:

We've added more power, captain! While our normal line of luxury recliners has a smooth reclining model and pull handles, we wanted to take all the work out of relaxing after a long day. We added some heavy-duty (but not so much to impact the weight profile of your rig) muscle underneath the sofa in the way of a durable motor that will give you a slick and smooth recline time after time. With the push of a button, you can melt away into the comfort of your chair and not have to use any effort beyond pushing a button on your armrest. Better than a butler pulling the lever for you, this chair does all the work from start to finish.

tool free installation

We also know that with the advancement of time, technology advances as well. Since we began our company's journey, we've seen technology advance substantially in a short amount of time. We know that even though our clients are out on the road and in the wilderness, they still want to keep up with those advances. Whether it be talking to the grand-kids through a video chat or working on your latest blog about your travels on the road, we know that you want to stay connected. One of the biggest challenges with all of that technology is keeping all of your devices charged. We understand this and designed these power chairs to help meet that challenge. The cup holders of this unit both have hidden USB charging plug-ins on the armrests (underneath sliding panels on the edge of the cupholders). This way, you now have ports within easy reach to plug your devices into for more…you guessed it…power!

Available in Cloth Linen

Also, as a fun (and useful) extra, the cup holders light up in the armrests. While this may seem like a slightly unnecessary add-on to your RV theater power seating experience, lighting up a cup holder has its uses. For instance, how much easier would it be to place your RecPro tumbler full of your favorite drink (which these cup holders do fit our tumbler sets) in the dark while you're watching a movie if your cup holder has a soft back light? It's a small detail but we like to make sure we have all of our bases covered during the design process.

This recliner couch measures 58" wide by 38" high by 37 1/2" deep. The space saving design means they only need 4" of space from the wall. Fully reclined, this recliner reaches 65" long.

So with a nod to the old and a step into the new, our power recliner chairs are a must-have for your RV or home! Call one of our Customer Care associates and order yours today!

Suprima Leather couch measurements


  • Dimensions: 58"W x 38"H x 37 1/2"D
  • Minimum depth required to fit on slide out is 36 1/4" with front of recliner overhanging the slideout
  • Minimum depth required to fit on slide out without overhang is 39 1/4"
  • Able to fit through a 22" door opening
  • RV Recliner modular furniture
  • Left and Right arm facing recliner
  • Works with any RecPro modular furniture
  • Can easily be connected with any RecPro modular furniture piece to create your own customized look
  • Material: Suprima leather
  • Colors: Toffee, Putty, Chestnut, Mahogany
  • Each recliner is powered individually
  • Easy to clean
  • Contemporary design
  • Full Recline length: 63"
  • Zero Wall-Hugger (only needs 4" of gap from wall to fully recline)
  • USB port in the rim of the cup-holder
  • Light up cup-holder (blue)
  • Cup-holder is 3 1/4" round
  • Weight: 178 pounds
  • Click here to order a RecPro Furniture Swatch Sample

We do not condone using seat belts with our furniture unless they are installed by a licensed RV dealership. Doing so improperly may void the warranty.

Technical Data:

  • 110 Volt power needed (wall outlet)
  • 75 watts max-rated per recliner
  • 71 1/2" overall cord length


*The recline function is dependent on electricity; without power, the furniture will not recline*


*We cannot make any recommendations regarding installation of products to our customers*
*Any modification outside of manufacturer's suggested use (including, but not limited to, adding or removing mounting hardware, seat belts, brackets, clamps, etc.) immediately voids all warranties and waives liability from the manufacturer and all their subsidiaries*
All furniture is designed to fit through a 22" door opening

zero wall recliner


*Please note: lighting, decor, and interior design may slightly alter color appearance of sofa*
*Powered option only available on left arm facing and right arm facing (left and right ends of the sofa) modular pieces*
*We round up to the nearest inch of the piece*

Suprima Soft-Touch Leather - Industry Leading 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • 3-year limited warranty on structural components, springs, and mechanism.
  • 2-year limited warranty on Suprima Soft-Touch leather and thread.
  • 1-year warranty on mechanism actuator. (Cable Release)
Additional Fabric Information And Ratings:
  • Made in China
  • 200,000 Double Rub (Wyzenbeek Rating)
  • 5 year Hydrolysis Rating

Non-Powered Option Available

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