RecPro 8010 Water-Based RV Rubber Roof Adhesive

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  • RecPro 8010 Water-Based RV Rubber Roof Adhesive
  • RecPro 8010 Water-Based RV Rubber Roof Adhesive
  • RecPro 8010 Water-Based RV Rubber Roof Adhesive
  • RecPro 8010 Water-Based RV Rubber Roof Adhesive
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RV roofing adhesive8010 is an advanced formula containing a water based adhesive that is designed to create a strong bond adhesion to single ply roofing membranes. This glue is a high solids adhesive with a short drying time. It has been one of the industry standards for applying RV roofs and commercial roofs for years and is ideal for applications that need a quick dry time. This glue doesn't peel or crack over time but rather expands and contracts through weather changes. The bonding agent is designed to adhere to any porous surfaces. Will not adhere to non-porous surfaces like metal or fiberglass. Also, it should not be used to bond rubber to rubber.

water based adhesive


This adhesive can be applied by roll coating, by brush, or by spray (when applying with spray, it is recommended to use an Aro 650095 4.25 inch air motor with a 30:1 ration pump @ 80 psi using a 651-500 gun equipped with #651551 for quick clean up and spray tip 1565 with 0.015 hole or similar equipment). A two-sided application is recommended to get the strongest bond. If you have a surface that is porous like fiberboard or plywood, it is acceptable to wet laminate the membrane to the substrate by applying the adhesive and placing the two materials together immediately. If both surfaces that are nonporous like EPS or ISO, simply apply the glue to both surfaces 4-5 mils and allow to dry for 20-30 minutes depending on conditions before placing them together. Adhesive will go on white and once dry turn clear. Apply adhesive to roof deck and broom or roll down the sheet to assure contact of the area.


PRECAUTIONARY DATA: Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.



  • Short drying time: 30 minutes faster compared to 8011
  • Made in USA
  • Universal adhesive for RV roofing
  • Coverage: 160-200 sq ft/gal (1 side @ 8-10 mil)
  • Gets stronger with age
  • Flexibility through weather changes by expanding and contracting of the membrane
  • Color: White
  • Solvent: water
  • Adhesive type: modified acrylic
  • Net weight: 8.50 lbs/gal
  • Viscosity: 10,000-15,000 cps (Brookfield RVF)
  • V.O.C. 5.97 g/L
  • Solids content: 68%
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