Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain

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  • Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain
  • Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain
  • Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain
  • Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain
  • Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain
  • Portable RV Water Softener 8,000 Grain

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Fight Hard Water With RecPro's Portable RV Water Softener

Hard water can be hard to deal with. Most houses combat hard water issues with a large, heavy, bulky device called a water softener, which can take up a lot of space. For RVs, it's a little more challenging, as you don't have as much space as a standard house. So, how do you get soft water in your RV? RecPro has the answer with our Portable RV Water Softener!

This water softener is designed specifically for use with RVs, making it the perfect option for getting soft water wherever you go. It is built with a polyethylene inner shell, which keeps it lightweight and robust, while its small size makes this RV water softener highly portable, so it is easy to fit into the plumbing system of your rig. It is also quick and easy to maintain, unlike other types of water softeners, which can have a long and somewhat tedious maintenance process. What's more, it does not require salt or a regeneration cycle before its first use, so you can get it installed and produce nice, soft water in no time.

So, what exactly is hard water? To put it simply, hard water is water that contains a high amount of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. While not necessarily a health hazard, hard water can be quite a nuisance. Hard water can irritate your skin when you bathe or wash your hands, reduce the efficiency of soaps and detergents, cause unsightly rust stains, and cause mineral scale (that white, chalky stuff) to build up on and in your plumbing fittings.


  • Prevents hard water, rust stains, and scale build-up
  • Reduces mineral build-up on plumbing fixtures
  • Better soap and detergent performance
  • Enjoy soft water wherever you go

resin pileThe 8,000 Grain RecPro Portable RV Water Softener solves those problems, using highly efficient Cation Exchange Resin to filter out all those hard minerals from your water. That means you can enjoy soft water wherever and whenever you need it, water that will be gentler on your skin, help soap and detergents perform better and significantly reduce rust stains and mineral scale build-up on your plumbing. It should be noted that this water softener is designed for water filtration applications only and should not be operated outside of its intended use.


water softener kitIncluded with the 8,000 Grain RecPro Portable RV Water Softener are the softener tank, one connector hose, a set of instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance, and one bottle containing fifty RecPro Water Hardness Test Strips (RP-2374). The test strips are especially nice, as they allow you to quickly and accurately test the hardness of your water before and after using the water softener. And, should you find yourself in need, other models, resin refill kits, hoses, and hard water test strips are available for separate purchase on the RecPro website.


  • Includes one 50-strip bottle of RecPro Water Hardness Test Strips RP-2374
  • Includes one hose
  • Pressured unit with Polyethylene inner shell
  • 8,000 grain



  • Small, portable size
  • Uses efficient Cation Exchange Resin
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Does not require salt or regeneration before first use

Water Hardness(GPG) Capacity in Gallons
5 1600
7 1142
11 727
15 533
25 320
58 137


  • 8,000-grain unit
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Capacity: 320-800 gallons (estimate, see chart above for reference)
  • Flow rate: 2 gpm
  • Max Pressure: 10.5 BAR (150 PSI)
  • Max Temperature: 40℃ (140℉)
  • Min Temperature: 1℃ (34℉)
  • Max Vacuum: 140 mmHg (5.5” Hg)

Hard water can be an immense pain even in an ordinary house. You certainly wouldn't want the headache of hard water to follow every mile you travel in your RV, so keep your water soft by ordering the 8,000 Grain RecPro Portable RV Water Softener using our website today! For further assistance, feel free to chat with our helpful Customer Care Team!


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