Pleated Folding RV Shower Doors Ivory

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These shower doors come with the complete frame; no hardware included. Instructions included.

When one envisions the iconic American road trip, a luxury RV often comes to mind. These vehicles are special because they can contain all of the conveniences that you enjoy at home and bring them to the open road. One of the most essential features an RV can offer is a comfortable showering area so you can maintain your personal health and happiness. Whether you are vacationing or living in your RV permanently, your showering set up should be easy to maintain and keep clean. A folding shower door has a lot to offer the smaller space of an RV due to its superior design.

Many RVs, especially smaller models, use curtains in the showering area, but this has many issues associated with it. It can be very unpleasant to feel a cold and wet shower curtain cling to your body while you are showering. Shower curtains are also often inadequate when it comes to stopping water from spraying out of the showering area, which can result in the growth of mold on the floor or your bathmat. This not only makes your environment uncomfortable, but there is an added need for frequent cleaning. If your RV doesn't have a washing machine, curtains will become an even bigger burden because they are prone to discoloration and need to be washed. A folding shower door resolves all of these issues and enhances the use of your vehicle so you can have maximum convenience on your trip.


Benefits of a Folding Shower Door

  • Stops water from leaking on to the floor. This vinyl folding door, with its pleated design, effectively seals the showering area to prevent water from spraying or leaking out.
  • Sliding doors are easy to use. Far superior to curtains, sliding doors offer the best in convenience for RVs. Simply slide the door open and enter.
  • Sleek design is perfect for all RVs. Curtains can wrinkle and have a cluttered look. Add some beauty to your RV with an attractive, ivory-colored shower entrance.
  • Easy to install. Folding shower doors are so easy to install, it only takes one person to do the job. While there are 12 different sizes to choose from, if the best match doesn't fit your space you can make a simple modification for the perfect fit. The doors are lightweight and easy to work with.
  • Add more space to your bathroom. Sliding doors optimize your space much more efficiently. It is much easier to maneuver in an RV bathroom without a wet curtain interfering with your movement.
  • Perfect for children. Folding shower curtains significantly reduce messes associated with children splashing.

Our gorgeous ivory folding shower doors are perfect for upgrading smaller RVs or replacing existing folding doors. For easy installation, simply find the correct size and cut to the desired length and width if needed with a hacksaw or other suitable cutting implement. Install the tracks and place caulking on each side, and you'll be done in no time. This quick and easy installation will provide many rewards for years to come in your RV.