LED Under Cabinet Light 12V

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  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
  • LED Under Cabinet Light 12V
  • LED Under Cabinet Light 12V
  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
  • Under Cabinet Light Bar
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Light switchAre you having a little trouble trying to see what is inside the cabinets of your RV? Do you need to wash your hands after getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but do not want to blind yourself by turning on all the lights? RecPro has an excellent solution for you in the form of our Undercabinet Light Bar.

Bright LED Light Strip

Searching through your cabinets or seeing what you are doing in the dark can be a real pain. No one likes being blinded by turning on the lights when they need to get up in the middle of the night either. Thankfully, our handy under cabinet light bar can help solve issues like these. This is a 12v double-sided LED light designed for use in RVs like yours. LED lights also give you several advantages over incandescent lights, as LED lights have a longer life, shine brighter, and are more energy-efficient. This light bar uses AWG20 600v wiring and can easily be installed underneath RV cabinets, inside cabinets, and a wide range of other locations. Mounting hardware and tools are not included with this under cabinet light bar.

Frosted Lens

IlluminateThis is a double-sided LED light, which utilizes two LED light strips. These light strips and wiring are secured in a rigid plastic housing and covered by a frosted lens. The frosted lens helps to soften and disperse the light created by the LED strips so that it is not glaring and blinding. There is an easy-to-use switch on the side of the light with three different positions. The first position is the off position, which turns the light off. The second position is the single-light position, which lights up only one LED strip. The third position is the double-light position, which lights up both LED strips.

Keep things bright in your RV with our under cabinet light bar! Use our website or chat with our friendly Customer Care team members to get one of your own. Have any questions or comments? You can reach out to us online or over the phone!

Double sided LED light


  • AWG20 600V wiring
  • 12v
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Frosted lens
  • Double-sided LED light
  • Can easily be installed underneath RV cabinets and more
  • Mounting hardware and installation tools not included
  • Non-dimmable
  • Non-replaceable light strips

Side view of Light

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