Inflatable RV Skirting - Medium Kit Fits 24'- 28'

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  • Inflatable RV Skirting - Medium Kit Fits 24'- 28'
  • Inflatable RV Skirting - Medium Kit Fits 24'- 28'
  • Inflatable RV Skirting - Medium Kit Fits 24'- 28'
  • Inflatable RV Skirting - Medium Kit Fits 24'- 28'
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Winter camping is a blast. You get to do so many things that summer camping doesn’t afford. From snowmobiles to snowball fights to warm cups of cocoa on the sofa while you watch the snow fall, winter camping is another journey entirely. Something to keep in mind, though, is that this new adventure comes with a few more considerations. Namely, protecting your RV from winter-related damages. While there are many parts around your RV that need protection from the cold, the underside of the rig is perhaps the most important one. With the various plumbing items down there, damage due to freezing can run rampant if it’s not protected. That’s where RV skirts come in.

RV skirts create a seal around the RV bottom so that cold air and those freezing breezes don’t get under your RV. This insulation keeps the temperature from getting too low and allows the air under the RV to warm up a bit. This not only protects your plumbing, tanks, and other pieces but also helps out your heater by keeping your RV a little warmer. This then saves on heating costs and propane. Keeping you and your RV warmer during the colder months, RV skirts are a much have for cold-weather campers.

This inflatable RV skirt provides insulation and protection with ease. Because these units are inflatable, they are easy to set up and tear down and they are also able to conform to the bends of your rig, ensuring a snug fit and no gaps without having to use snaps and straps or needing to change your RV to fit it. This kit is for RVs between 24 and 28 feet long and there are two options for this kit; standard and high clearance. The standard kit is meant for RVs with 22” or less between their RV and the ground and the high clearance kit is for higher RVs with 34” or less between their RVs and the ground.

If you’re planning on camping in cold weather, an RV skirt like this one is a must. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • RV insulation and protection inflatable skirt
  • Medium Kit Design
  • Perfect for nearly all makes and models
  • Modular capability
  • Superior insulating capabilities, tough tolerance to wind and snow, and military-grade materials
  • Standard clearance or high clearance options
  • High clearance options designed for RVs that sit a bit higher off the ground
  • Medium kit designed for RVs ranging in length from 24 to 28 feet


    Standard kit weighs about 55 pounds, High Clearance kit weighs about 85 pounds

    Kit includes:
    • Skirt tubes
      • 4x 8ft, standard 22” diameter or high 34” diameter
      • 2x 6ft, standard 22” diameter or high 34” diameter
    • Carry and storage bag
    • Electric air pump AC 800W
    • Sharp edge corner protectors
    • Sharp edge strip protector
    • Patch material
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