Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover

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  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
  • Ice Fishing Round Ice Hole Cover
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cover openIf you like ice fishing, chances are you have a fish house that you bring with you while you're on the ice. This portable structure lets you fish in comfort while not taking you away from the ice. Many ice houses have a hole in the bottom that allows them to connect to the hole you have made in the ice. One problem with these holes, however, is that they stay there when you're traveling and when you're storing the house for the season. To prevent any dirt and debris from the road from getting up in there while on the road or any rodents from finding their way in while in storage, you'll need a hole cover.


This hole cover is round, fitting to a circular hole measuring 12" in diameter. The rough floor cut is 12 3/4" in diameter. This cover keeps the snow, dirt, road salt, and other debris out of your fish house while traveling and keeps rodents and other pests out while in storage for the summer. Injection-molded from cold-weather polymers, this cover won't warp or crack in extreme conditions and looks professional and well-done. The double-point handle folds right up into the cover and is easy to grab, even when your hands are gloved. The flange extends down to protect the insulation in the floor and it is secured to the floor with stainless steel screws.


For a high-quality round hole cover, just stop on by. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!



  • Round hole cover
  • Dimensions: 16 5/8" diameter x 2"H x 12" internal diameter
  • For 12" hole opening
  • Rough floor cut 12 3/4" diameter
  • Weight: 2 1/2 pounds
  • Keep snow, dirt, road salt out of your fish house when traveling
  • Keep rodents out in the summertime
  • Made from cold weather polymers
  • Injection-molded
  • Won't crack or warp in extreme conditions
  • Professional, finished look
  • Double-point handle folds flush and is easy to grab with gloved hands and doesn't twist out
  • Flange extends down to protect the floor insulation
  • Covers can be driven over with an ATV
  • Snap back into place by stepping on them
  • Secure to the floor using stainless steel screws and do not overtighten
  • Made in America
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