RV Folding Shelf Bracket Pair

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RV Folding Shelf Bracket

With no prior need of technical experience in setting up complicated fixtures and furniture pieces, the RV Folding Shelf Bracket might just be the best one yet out in the market. The easily-collapsible joints provide efficiency during installation, and it is rest assured that each component provides the sturdy support needed for any type of material to be hauled atop of it. The shelf bracket can support up to a total of 50 pounds (50 lbs.).

Boasting of space-saving functionalities that delivers its promise to be the sturdiest support for any type of fold-up component. The RV Folding Shelf Bracket package consists of two shelves that would fit most applications. All in all, dimensions would measure 7.75" by 7.75" by 11.75", and this generous allocation would allow a more practical and handy use of space without the hassle of keeping things too cramped everywhere. After all, it can be folded for anyone's convenience, and should there be a need to do so, things can easily be cleared up in a matter of seconds, especially during emergencies or special events.

The durable brown metal fixtures are flexible enough to be adjusted with any type of furniture surface or material, not to mention that they can definitely go well with any fitting in your kitchen, room, office or various other work spaces.

The folding shelf brackets can function well in various niches, going alongside kitchen counters, cupboards and even workshop tables to provide additional support and extended working space should the need arise. Whether it would be considered for a repair or a new set-up, these shelf brackets can be installed on your RV shelves to ensure that they would remain in their upright position all day long. More flexible possibilities can even be made, from wheelchair extensions to vehicle pull-out components that would definitely go a long way to provide comfort and convenience to your, your friends and family while on the road and having the time of your lives.

Our customers are our priority, and so are their enjoyment in saving both of space and time.

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