Gray RV Pleated Folding Door

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  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
  • Gray RV Pleated Folding Door
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You have a finite amount of room when it comes to living in an RV. This would appear to be common knowledge, so it is a fact that many may often forget. This lack of space and room can cause you to miss the privacy of your own home, especially if you are traveling or camping with your family members or a few friends. A solution is certainly in order if you wish to divide the space available to you and provide yourself and others with some much-needed privacy. That solution is our superb pleated folding door, especially when you have kids making a racket or dogs running around like crazy. A folding door such as this one can give you the privacy and space you need when you need it and does so without taking up much of your limited space, unlike a permanent door fixture.

This USA-made RV pleated folding door is compact and space-saving. With width options of  24", 36", and 48" by 75" high, it stores easily when not used. The track of this pleated folding door has a width of 7/8", a side casing width of 2", and a pleat width of 5/8". Our RecPro pleated folding door is made using heavy-duty pleated fabric. This heavy-duty pleated fabric has several beneficial properties that you can enjoy. For example, this fabric is resistant to soil and water, which helps it stay good-looking and clean for years to come. The tan color of our pleated folding door blends in well with most RV interior design schemes, making it easy to fit in with the rest of your decor. The design of this folding door helps you save space and utilizes a lightweight construction for easy installation and operation. Due to this pleated door's simple but intuitive design, it can be mounted on the left or right, with the door opening either to the left or the right. Our RV pleated folding door is made in America and can be the perfect addition to nearly any RV interior. With this pleated folding door, you can cut up space, contain different rooms, and give yourself the privacy you need even when camping with guests.

If you're considering a long-term family vacation, then including a folding door may very well be the thing that keeps you from going crazy! Simple, easy to use, and attractive, this RV pleated folding door is sure to be nothing short of a fantastic enhancement to your rig. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Overall Dimensions: 24"W x 75"H, 36" x  75",  or 48" x  75"
  • Track Width: 7/8"
  • Side Casing Width: 2"
  • Pleat Width: 1 5/8"
  • Color: Gray
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Easy Installation and Operation
  • Mounts Left or Right
  • Heavy-duty Pleated Fabric
  • Soil and Water Resistant
  • Color Coordinated Hardware and Rails
  • Space-saving Design
  • Made in America
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