Flat 4-way Trailer Wire

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  • Flat 4-way Trailer Wire
  • Flat 4-way Trailer Wire
  • Flat 4-way Trailer Wire
  • Flat 4-way Trailer Wire
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As a kid, I remember driving down the road with our boat rolling behind us on the trailer. I remember driving down the boat ramp and releasing the boat into the water, excited for the tubing, skiing, and swimming to come. Even in the dark, my dad was able to safely maneuver around the dock. But without the trailer lights to guide him, that might not have been the case. If your trailer's lights won't turn on, it might not be due to a problem with the light itself. It might be due to the electrical system in your trailer. If that's the case, RecPro's quality 4-way trailer wire is just what you need to get back on the road and back to making memories.

Sold in 5-foot increments from 5 feet to 100 feet, this wire is meant for small trailers, such as a boat, snowmobile, utility, and other trailers, that do not use brakes. Flat 4-way trailer wire is meant to provide power to the trailer's lights, creating the important electrical system under or within the trailer. Each wire is insulated, helping them to stand up to the stress and bumps of the road while extending the life of your trailer's electrical system. The wires are 18 gauge and made of stranded copper, a metal known for its ability to handle a higher level of electrical power and heat. Color-coded for identification purposes, this wire is easy to install.

Don't let damaged wire keep you from living your adventures and making lasting memories. Replace your wire with the flat 4-way trailer wire from RecPro and get back on the road.

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  • Flat 4-way Trailer Wire
  • Sold in 5-foot increments
  • 18 gauge wire
  • 4 wires are each insulated
  • Single conductors are stranded copper and are color-coded for identification purposes.
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