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Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum

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  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
  • Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-in-One Central Vacuum
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dirt devilKeeping your RV, camper, or boat clean can be a challenge. With such a small space, cleaning becomes a shorter process, however, you also have less space in which to store your cleaning supplies. The biggest of these, the vacuum cleaner, can be frustrating to have to move and remove every time you use it. The bulky profile of most household vacuum cleaners, while it works for houses, doesn't really work for smaller spaces such as boats and RVs. The solution to this problem lies in central vacuum cleaner systems. These systems are stored in the walls, floors, cabinets, baggage compartments, or other out of the way areas and allow you to access the hose and cleaning attachments without moving around a huge machine. With the collection receptacle hidden away, you don't have to deal with the dust and debris, either. For a truly convenient clean, look no further than the central vac system.


This RV all-in-one central vacuum system is great for RVs, campers, boats, and other small spaces. It includes the inner motor and tubing plus the outer tools and attachments. Because most of the unit is stored away and out of sight, it reduces visible cleaning supplies such as vac pacs, portable vacuum cleaners, dust mops, and more. Make no mistake, though; even though it's hidden the powerful motor provides just as much, if not more cleaning power than portable vacuums and other vacuum cleaners. This glorious vacuum system also uses HEPA filter bags. Why is this important? Because these HEPA filter bags are excellent at catching super fine particles, helping you eliminate allergens such as mold, animal dander, pollen, and more! You can have confidence that whatever dust and dirt your vacuum system sucks up will stay contained where it belongs instead of floating back out into the air.


This fantastic vacuum system includes several additional goodies that make cleaning even easier. For starters, the adjustable wand lets you easily lengthen or shorten the nozzle of the hose. The rug/floor tool is perfect for cleaning up floors ranging from smooth linoleum to carpets and rugs. Need to get some dusting done? Use the dust attachment, as its soft bristles flick dust up into the air only to be sucked away immediately by the vacuum. Have some furniture you want to clean? The upholstery tool is perfect for cleaning up couches, curtains, chairs, and more! Lastly, the crevice tool will help you get into all manner or nooks, crannies, and other hard-to-reach areas for a deep and thorough cleaning.

Cleaning any home, whether stuck to the ground or mobile, can often feel like a huge pain in the rear. Why not make your life a little easier with the convenience that the Dirt Devil CV1500 RV All-In-One Central Vaccum can offer you? Use our website or speak with our helpful customer care team today to get one for yourself! Have any questions? Contact us online or give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you!



  • Central vacuum system for RVs, campers, boats, and other small spaces
  • Used for boats, RVs, campers, and small spaces
  • Provides convenient cleaning in small spaces
  • Hidden tubing eliminates hose storage
  • 35 foot hose stored conveniently within the optional flexible tubing system
  • Hidden when you don't need it; accessible when you do need it
  • Saves space while keeping cleaning easy
  • Strong vacuum power within the vacuum unit
  • Reduces visible wall-mounted vacuums, vac pans, portable vacs, brooms, dust mops, hand-held vacs, and more
  • To use, simply pull out the tubing, use any hose attachment you would like, then retract
  • Vacuum System + Accessories Includes:
    • Power unit (Dirt Devil CV1500 with 3 HEPA filter bags capture particles)
    • Vacuum hose
    • Wall port
    • Connectors
    • Accessory kit
  • Accessory kit includes:
    • Adjustable wand
    • Rug/floor tool
    • Dusting brush
    • Upholstery tool
    • Crevice tool
  • Able to be installed without special planning around plumbing and ductwork
  • Can be mounted inside cabinets, in dead spaces, around sink bases, and more
  • 26% more suction than previous models
  • Vacuumed dirt and debris is captured in the remotely installed unit

Technical Data:

    • 120 Volts (AC)
    • 11.7 Max Amps
    • 100 CFM
    • 501 Air Watts
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