Center Caps for RV Wheels in Stainless Steel

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  • Center Caps for RV Wheels in Stainless Steel
  • Center Caps for RV Wheels in Stainless Steel
  • Center Caps for RV Wheels in Stainless Steel
  • Center Caps for RV Wheels in Stainless Steel
  • Center Caps for RV Wheels in Stainless Steel
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wheelCenter caps. What are they? Why are they important to your wheel? When it comes to your wheels, center caps can play a surprisingly important role! Unfortunately, it is a fairly common occurrence for people to lose these little wheel covers over time. If you have noticed that the wheels on your towable are missing their center caps, let RecPro help you out with our Stainless Center Cap!

center capCenter caps are those little round parts in the center of your wheel. Center caps also go by the name of wheel trim, wheel covers, protective discs, and hub caps. To most people, these little circular caps are just a way to boost the aesthetics of your wheel. However, center caps do more than just make your wheel look nice. Center caps also serve an important function: they help prevent dirt and moisture from getting inside the hole that houses your wheels' spindle nut and bearings. Dirt and moisture can cause damage to your spindle nut and wheel bearings, which, in turn, can cause you further headaches down the road that you certainly would want to avoid dealing with.

center capRecPro has the replacement wheel center caps you need. Our center caps are available in several sizes, so you can easily find what fits the wheels of your towable. These center caps are made out of durable, heavy-duty stainless steel, meaning they will not rust and are resistant to corrosion. Being made of steel also makes our center caps incredibly durable and long-lasting.

RecPro is your source for all things RV, camper, and trailer related. If you need new center caps to replace lost or damaged ones, here is where you will find them. Use our convenient website to order the center caps you need today, or give our Customer Care Team a call if you have any questions!



  • Stainless Steel
  • Resists rusting and corrosion
  • Durable and lasting
  • Makes your wheel look great
  • Keeps dirt and moisture away from your wheels spindle nut and bearings
  • Available in multiple sizes
    • 3.19" x 3.60" for 5-lug wheels
    • 3.75" x 4.35" for 6-lug wheels
    • 4.25" x 4.12" for 6-lug wheels
    • 4.90" x 4.32" for 8-lug wheels
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