Blackstone Griddle Grease Cup Liners - 10 Pack

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  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liners.
  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liner.
  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liner sitting in the grease cup of the griddle.
  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liner measurements.
  • Simple to use for easy use and replacement. Easy to dispose cup liners. Mess free clean up.
  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liner front view.
  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liner top view.
  • Blackstone griddle grease cup liner with the logo band holding the pack together.
  • Closeup on the Blackstone logo on the bottom of the liner.
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Do you plan on doing a lot of cooking with your griddle? Or perhaps you simply want to make cleaning up afterward faster? In either case, you may want to pick up a few grease cup liners for your griddle. This pack of ten grease cup liners will last you quite a while and make cleaning up after cooking take mere minutes.

Our grease cup liners sit snugly inside the grease cup of your griddle, where it easily catches all the grease, grime, and debris that is produced as you cook. They are made of strong aluminum metal, so you do not need to worry about leaks from punctures. These griddle cup liners have a 27 fluid ounce capacity, meaning they can hold in quite a lot of grease and oil! Once you are done with your cooking, simply take the liner out of your grease cup and toss it in the trash!

To get a ten pack of these grease cup liners, visit our website or contact our customer service team. If you have any questions, give us a call or contact us online, and we will be happy to help.


  • Pack Of Ten Liners
  • Dimensions: 7 3/4"W x 2 7/8"H x 2 1/4"D
  • Aluminum Foil Construction
  • Holds Up To 27 Fl. Oz.
  • Reduces Mess
  • Disposable
  • Compatible with 36", 28", and 17", Range Top Combo, And ProSeries Griddles
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