Bender's 001 Rubberized Automotive Undercoating, 18 oz.

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  • Bender's 001 Rubberized Automotive Undercoating
  • Bender's 001 Rubberized Automotive Undercoating
  • Bender's 001 Rubberized Automotive Undercoating
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When you need a versatile type of rubberized coating for the underside of your RV or for other areas on the vehicle, the Bender's 001 Rubberized Automotive Undercoating from RecPro is a reliable performer. This is an easy to use rubberized undercoating, as it ships in an 18-ounce spray can that you can apply in a precise area without making a huge mess. The 18 ounces of product will give you the coverage area you need. This is especially helpful if you need to apply the undercoating while you're on a camping trip in a rural area with no hardware stores nearby to purchase more products. The ingredients in this rubberized RV undercoating are among the highest quality that you will find, meaning you can rely on the performance you'll receive. You'll have multiple application options with Bender's rubber spray, including the ability to build up the material to create a thicker coating to protect against rocks on the road and other flying debris. This RV spray for undercoating will go on black in color, but you can paint the undercoating to match the other nearby components on your recreational vehicle. When you need the highest quality of third party parts and products to keep your RV in top working condition, count on RecPro to get you what you need.

This spray also works great under fenders to keep them in great shape while you're rolling down the road. If you're looking for something to keep the underside of your vehicle good and safe, you've found it. Easy to use and simple to handle, this rubberized automotive undercoating is sold in 18-ounce cans that can be stored away for spot repairs or bought specifically for DIY fixing projects. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Capacity: 18 ounces
  • Very high grade rubberized undercoating
  • Made with the finest rubbers for this type of application
  • May be built up if necessary
  • Leaves a semi-soft rubber coat
  • Good resistance to stones and other flying debris
  • Paintable
  • Black color
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