Bauer RV Keys K300 Series

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  • RV Keys K300 Series
  • RV Keys K300 Series
  • RV Keys K300 Series
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Locks and keys are designed to keep things secure from strangers, thieves, robbers, and other nefarious people. But what if you are locked out and cannot access what you need to get your RV back on the road? Ordering the RV Keys K300 Series from RecPro is one way to ensure that the key you need will be there. Think of it as insurance against a lost key or a broken key. Hide one somewhere that you can access or give a spare to your spouse, family member, or RVing pal. These replacement keys are compatible with the Bauer K300 series. This key measures 2" by 1 3/8". These are the same dimensions as the original key. How much is your sanity worth? Order RecPro's RV Keys K300 Series to replace a damaged or loss key or simply to keep a second one nearby just in case. This small investment in a new key will be offset by not having to call a locksmith out to your campsite.

Security and safety are two things you shouldn't leave at home when you go camping. You can leave behind your extra sweater and your old deck of cards but if you leave behind the key to your lock, you're in trouble. If you've lost the key or if the key has become damaged, however, there is an option available. With a replacement key from RecPro, you can get your lock open and return to the road. For replacing the Bauer K300 series keys, these have the same measurements as the original. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Dimensions: 2" x 1 3/8"
  • Bauer key replacement
  • For K300 series keys
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