Automatic Electric RV Water Pipe Heating Cable Kit

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  • Automatic Electric Water Pipe Heating Cables
  • Automatic Electric Water Pipe Heating Cables
  • Automatic Electric Water Pipe Heating Cables
  • Automatic Electric Water Pipe Heating Cables
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Winter is coming. It's coming and you need to be prepared for the brutal cold that's about to assail the inner-workings of your RV or living space. If you don't spend some pre-season prep time to get ready for cold travels or storage, a rough start will be the least of your worries.

Cold can have adverse effects on multiple systems that keep your RV or home operational. Since cold shrinks materials, freezes water-based liquids, and thickens lubricating fluids, you need to find a complete solution to a series of complex problems. One of the most devastating and unfortunately most common is burst water pipes. Whether in your home or in your RV, burst water pipes can cause a large amount of damage. Don't worry, though. We're RecPro and we've got exactly what you need to help you survive this Winter season.

Our Automatic Electric Heat Cable Kits provide all the heat you need to keep your pipes from bursting and allow for continued water flow all winter long. Our tape comes in lengths as short as 3' and as lengthy as 30'. The cable is self-regulating so you won't have to worry about burnouts or overheating due to lack of oversight. The internal automatic shut-off will keep your tape/cable warming your pipes at just the right temperature without worry of creating safety issues. This helps provide peace of mind and helps to mitigate the costs associated with over-consumption of electricity during temperature extremes.

This cable is exactly what you need this winter if you're going to be in cold conditions in your home or RV. Call our Customer Care Department and order yours today.


  • Sold in lengths: 3' to 30'
  • Built in thermostat ensures optimal running time
  • Automatic control reduces electricity use
  • Keep pipes from freezing in temperatures as low as -40° F.
  • For use on metal or plastic water pipes
  • Easy to install
  • Power usage roughly 7 watts per foot
  • 120 Volt
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