Auto Odor Eliminator Biocide Quick Release

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  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container with the lid off.
  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container with a small plastic cup and odor eliminator packet.
  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container measurements.
  • Eliminates odors in up to 250 cubic feet of space. Eliminates odors within 24 hours. Safe, non-toxic design.
  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container.
  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container side profile.
  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container with small plastic cup.
  • Odor eliminator packet.
  • Auto odor eliminator biocide container back view.
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People spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Whether going back and forth from work, visiting friends and family, traveling to stores, people spend a great deal of time inside their vehicle. As such, the vehicle is one of the most common places to find unpleasant odors in. A nasty smell can make driving in your vehicle very unpleasant or sickening. If you detect an unpleasant smell in your vehicle, do not despair! RecPro is here to help with our Biocide Systems Auto Shocker!

Biocide Systems Auto Shocker is an odor eliminator designed for small to full-sized vehicles and SUVs. This odor eliminator features a non-toxic design that cleans the air to eliminate odors in 24 hours, depending on the severity of the scent. Most competing products only mask up odors by using fragrances and perfumes. However, Biocide Systems Auto Shocker eliminates odors in the air at their source using trademarked CLO2-DMG technology. It is easy to use and does not require any special safety equipment. All you need to activate the odor eliminator is a little bit of cool water. It is capable of tackling harsh smells and odors and works in a space of up to 250 cubic feet, penetrating deep into every little space of your vehicle.

Odor eliminator packet.

CLO2-DMG stands for chlorine dioxide disposable micro-generator. This odor eliminator generates small amounts of chlorine dioxide gas. Now, that may sound frightening or even dangerous, but you have nothing to worry about! Chlorine dioxide has been in use for over 75 years in odor elimination and drinking water purification applications! It is entirely safe in small amounts, such as with this odor eliminator. In fact, this odor eliminator is safe enough to be biodegradable and will cause no harm to the environment when it is disposed of.

The CLO2 molecules from the Auto Shocker strongly bind to odor-causing molecules. Organic molecules, such as rotten food, get oxidized and destroyed by this molecule, while other odor-causing molecules become fully absorbed. This USA-made odor eliminator will have your vehicle smelling like new with ease!

This is a powerful odor eliminator; however, it is important to note a few things. This product is designed to clean the air and does NOT clean any fabrics or surfaces, for starters. Furthermore, the source of any odor needs to be removed, or it will simply return in time. For example, if you have spoiled food in your vehicle, that rotten food will need to be removed before using the odor eliminator. Vehicles exposed to cigarette smoke over a long period of time will need all fabrics and surfaces cleaned before using the product to maximize its effectiveness. Furthermore, you should not use this product below 50°° or above 100°°, and you should only use cool water to activate it, as warm water may cause an unwanted reaction.

Auto odor eliminator biocide container side profile.

Auto odor eliminator biocide container with a small plastic cup and odor eliminator packet.

Using this odor eliminator is very simple. First, you will need to prepare your vehicle by parking it in a shaded area outside direct sunlight. Remove all dirt, debris, trash, and other items from the vehicle. Take out the floor mats, and open up all storage compartments. Now you are ready to use the odor eliminator.

To start, open the container and remove everything inside. The CLO2 comes in a foil packet, which you will want to shake and break up thoroughly. Open the packet and the CLO2-DMG Technology pouch, discarding the desiccant. Shake up the pouch to mix everything together and place it back into the container. Put the container on a flat surface in your vehicle, and add a bit of cool water. Close all doors and windows to the vehicle, and wait 24 hours, depending on odor strength.

Once you are done waiting, you will need to open all the vehicle doors to ventilate the vehicle. Remove the container from the vehicle and dispose of it in an outdoor receptacle. Your vehicle should be allowed to ventilate for at least 20 minutes, and then you are all done!

Do not let foul-smelling aromas plague you as you are traveling in your vehicle. Let RecPro and our Biocide Systems Auto Shocker odor eliminator help you get your vehicle smelling fresh and clean once again! To pick up a few of these for your vehicle, use our website or speak with our customer care team! Do you have any questions? You can get the answers you need by chatting with us online or by contacting us over the phone!


    • For compact cars, full-size vehicles, and even SUVs
    • Cleans the air
    • Eliminates odors within 24 hours
    • Safe, non-toxic design
    • Activated by cool water
    • Works in up to 250 cubic feet of space
    • No safety equipment required
    • Can handle harsh odors
    • Trademarked CLO2-DMG technology containing chlorine dioxide
    • Penetrated deeper than traditional odor masking products
    • CLO2 molecules bind to odor molecules
    • Biodegradable
    • Made in the USA
    • Most competitor products mask odors instead of eliminating them
    • Use more for more prolonged exposure

*Only cleans the air, does NOT clean fabrics or surfaces
*The source of odors must be cleaned or removed, or the smell will return. I.e., if an odor is caused by mold, the mold must be cleaned as well.
*Long term smoking will require fabrics and surfaces to be cleaned
*Break up before use
*Do not use below 50°° or above 100°°

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