RV Electric Fireplace with Curved Glass 28"(26" Cutout)

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  • RV electric fireplace with curved glass and remote to the side.
  • RV electric fireplace with curved glass with the fire place on front view.
  • RV electric fireplace with curved glass measurements.
  • Can heat up to 500 square feet. Easy to use controls. Curved glass.
  • Multiple flame levels. Remote control for easy access. Slide out safety cut off connection.
  • Close up on the fire and lit fake logs.
  • Hand pressing the buttons on the fireplace to change its settings.
  • RV electric fireplace with curved glass back view.
  • RV electric fireplace with curved glass side profile.
  • Fireplace remote control.
  • RV electric fireplace with curved glass with the fire place on.
  • Connection for the slide out safety shut off.
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RV electric fireplace with curved glass with the fire place on front view.Hearth and home. It's a phrase that, for many, brings up fond memories of home and family gatherings. It's a warm atmosphere you want to recreate in your home away from home. Whether you partake of the RV lifestyle part-time, or you are a full-time RV enthusiast, making your RV as beautiful and warm as your brick-and-mortar home is a universal goal for RVers. One of the simplest methods of putting the "home" into your motorhome is by adding a warmth-spreading electric fireplace.

 At RecPro, we have a top-brand electric fireplace that is a fantastic upgrade for the heating profile and look of your RV. Many of the features of this fireplace range from the aesthetic to the practical. The rich black color of the face and trim will blend well with almost any design motif on the market. The curved glass panel front will create a nice visual break in the wall so the design will not be continuous and bland.

Convenience is another reason to consider putting this fireplace into your unit. This fireplace has a remote control that will allow you to turn your unit on and off or change the temperature to a comfortable setting from the coziness of your Charles Theater Sofa or recliner. This fireplace comes with six graduated settings that range from a comfortable seventy-one degrees up to a toasty warm ninety-nine degrees of fan-driven heat. This is nice for the nights you want to turn off all of the noise, kick back and recline, and snuggle up and watch TV. But what about those nights where you want the warmth AND the look of a fire. This unit has you covered.

The 28" fireplace has a specialized bank of settings that give a variety of looks for your living space. The dedicated rotational motor inside of the unit has graduated degrees of illumination and rapidity so that your radiant fire can look like it's barely aflame or a roaring conflagration that dances off the walls of your RV. The look and feel of this fireplace will go superbly with your quiet nights in your recreational vehicles.

It's not all about style and functionality when it comes to this unit. You want to be sure that you're not installing substandard equipment into your rig. Whether it's an expensive Class "A" or an intimate Class "B" runner, your RV is important to you. It's essential to the family at RecPro, too. That's why we chose this heating system to offer to our customers. It has sound construction and safety features that make it a worry-free implement for your rig. One of the highlight features of this fireplace is the safety shut-off with an electronic timer. If you fall asleep or leave your rig* and forget to turn off your fireplace, it has internal components that won't allow it to overheat and possibly create a fire incident.

Bring a touch of class and a good dose of home ambiance to your RV, Fifth-wheel, trailer, or living space by adding this attractive unit as a free-standing entity or wall insert today.

The "rough opening" (the backside of fireplace which is placed in the wall) measures 26-inches wide. The flange portion of the fireplace on the face of the fireplace is 25-inches wide. The outer trim adds another 3-inches, giving the face of the product a measurement of 28-inches overall. The backside of unit (the portion actually installed in the wall) will fit in an area only 26-inches wide!


  • 3 Heat Settings - Low Heat, High Heat, Temperature Control
  • Heats up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Real wood with 4-level LED flame technology
  • Safety shut-off with electronic timer
  • Digital thermostat
  • Flame can be turned on without heat
  • Proximity sensor  automatically cuts off heating when a nearby object is detected (within 3.94 - 5.91 inch)
  • Cutout Dimensions: 25 1/4" W x 6 1/2" D x 21" H (this is the dimension your wall cut-out needs to be)
  • Overall Dimensions: 27 1/4"W x 21 1/4"H x 8  1/2" D 
  • Dimensions (trim width): 1 5/8" W
  • Automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating*
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Plugs into regular outlet

*Shipping box will be titled as 26" in reference to the insert dimensions*

Technical Data:

  • 120V
  • 12.5 Amp
  • 1500W


*If you are hearing a sound like crackling wood, it is because a panel shifted in shipping and needs adjusted. Remove the back panel and push the inner panel in so that it doesn’t touch the silver rotator*

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