Alpha 26 Gallon 60" x 24" x 6" Black Water Tank VR24606H

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  • Alpha 26 Gallon 60" x 24" x 6" Black Water Tank VR24606H
  • Alpha 26 Gallon 60" x 24" x 6" Black Water Tank VR24606H



“Ah, vacation. My favorite time to fix my black water tank” - said no one ever.

If you don’t want your black water tank to crack, leak, or break, you need a great quality tank made from great quality materials. This custom black water tank from RecPro is made of high-density polyethylene, a durable plastic made more durable by its one-piece design. Able to withstand the rigor of the road and RV life, this tank is sure to last you through its long life, giving you peace of mind so that you can go back to your adventures

This 26-gallon black water tank measures 60” long, 24” wide, and 6” deep. Included on the tank is a 3” outlet that you can hook up to your plumbing.

For a quick and efficient installation, add in the optional fittings kit.

For any questions, let us know or call our Customer Care team today.


  • Capacity: 26 Gallon
  • Dimensions: 60" L
  • Dimensions: 24” W
  • Dimensions: 6” H (overall)


  • Color: Black
  • 3” outlet
  • Part Number: VR24606H
  • Low-adhesion surface
  • High-density plastic
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Low inclusion and impurity in tank walls
  • Compatible with RecPro installation kits
  • Made in USA

*Blank tank only - does not include intake or overflow port fittings. Fittings Kit is optional.*

Optional Fittings Kit Includes:

  • Three 1 1/2" grommets (requires 2 1/2" hole size)
  • One 3" Grommet (requires 4" hole size)
  • Three 1 1/2" ABS barbed coupler
  • One 3" ABS barbed coupler
  • Six Mini-Probe Tank Inserts (sensors)

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