7 Pin Trailer End Connector

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  • 7-Pin Trailer End Only
  • 7-Pin Trailer End Only
  • 7 Pin Trailer End Connector
  • 7-Pin Trailer End Only
  • 7 Pin Trailer End Connector
  • 7-Pin Trailer End Only
  • 7-Pin Trailer End Only
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It is no secret that trailer parts wear down with constant use. This fact holds true with the wiring and connectors on your trailer, as they can become damaged and worn down over time. If the connector on your trailer has seen better days and needs to be replaced, RecPro can help you out. Take a look at our 7-way trailer end plug!

detailOur 7-pole plug is used for connecting your trailer to the socket on your tow vehicle. It is built with a hard plastic material that prevents rust, looks great, and offers excellent durability. Two grips at the end make it far easier to remove the plug from the socket, eliminating the need to tug and pull on it harshly. When in use, the safety latch on the top of the plug ensures that it remains securely attached to the socket.

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sideThe design of the interior is shock-resistant and non-corroding, enhancing its overall lifespan. This design also features terminal reinforcer dams that prevent short outs from happening, while the vinyl insert protects the cable and prevents dirt and moisture from getting inside. The center pin of this plug can accommodate wires up to 8-gauge.

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This 7-way trailer end plug is color-coded to RVI standards. Take note that this is the plug only and does not come with any additional hardware or installation tools.

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If your trailer connector is busted, you don't have to worry. You can get back in action in no time with this useful 7-way trailer end plug. Please speak with our friendly customer care team or use our website to get the replacement plug you need today! If you have questions that you would like to have answered, you can always contact us online or over the phone.



  • Plug only
  • 7-pole plug connecting the trailer to the socket on the tow vehicle
  • Black plastic construction
    • Prevents rust
    • Looks great
    • Easy removal
  • Non-corroding, shock-resistant interior design
    • Terminal reinforcer dams prevent shorting out
    • Center pin accepts wires up to 8-gauge
    • Vinyl inserts prevent dirt and moisture from getting in
  • Dual grips make removing the plug from the socket easy
  • Safety latch makes sure the plug is secured in the socket
  • Color-coded to RVI standards
  • Wire gauges:
    • 10 gauge for white and black
    • 12 gauge for blue
    • 14 gauge for red, brown, green, and yellow
  • Wiring configuration:
    • White: ground wire
    • Black: battery
    • Yellow: auxiliary and reverse lights
    • Brown: right turn signal and brakes
    • Red: left turn signal and brakes
    • Green: tail lights
    • Blue: electric brake


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