65" - 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet

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  • 65" - 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet
  • 65" - 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet
  • 65" - 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet
  • 65" - 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet
  • 65" - 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet
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Witness from RecPro many great feats of strength! That is, check out our sturdy replacement feet for our hide-a-beds and sofas. We want to give you the tools to fix your furniture rather than buy a whole new set, which includes the replacement feet you need for your hide-a-bed. No one wants to get rid of a perfectly good sofa just because the feet don't look so great but you still want that sofa to look as great as possible. If you want to replace your existing bolt-in sofa feet, a broken or cracked foot, or have spares on hand "just in case", our replacement feet are exactly what you need. They are strong, built with durable hard plastic and multiple internal support wings surrounding the main hardware post. With this sturdy construction, these feet are meant to last.

Each foot is more than just support under your couch, though. There are many intentional design ideas built in to increase the comfort and look of your furniture. For example, the colors. Each foot is wood grain finished black so that no matter the color of your sofa, the feet won't stand out or draw the viewer's eye to the underside of the couch. The bottom of each foot is either mounded or textured so that your couch or sofa will stay in place. This will reduce furniture slides in your vehicle during hard stops or when you "flop" down after a hard day of hiking. Even these small improvements can mean a world of difference for your RV comfort and style.

Don't wait to make your furniture and your RV the best it can be. Take steps toward improving your furniture by adding these sweet supports from RecPro. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • 65" to 80" Hide-A-Bed Feet Replacement Feet
  • Width: 2 5/8" (square)
  • Height: 2 7/8"
  • Bolt Length: 1 1/4"L
  • Four internal support wings
  • Hard plastic
  • Mounded foot for slip prevention
  • Wood grain finish
  • Color: Black

*We round up to the nearest inch of the piece*

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