6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights

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  • 6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights
  • 6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights
  • 6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights
  • 6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights
  • 6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights
  • 6" Oval Surface Mount LED Lights
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When you're driving your rig, it's important to keep safety in mind. When driving in the dark, this is even more so. You don't want to begin your adventure only to end it prematurely because of an accident or mishap. Whether it was your fault or not, turn/stop/tail lights that don't work right can cause serious accidents and problems. When it comes to your stop/tail/turn lights, you want something that will last you and that will be bright at night. If that's what you're looking for, then look no further than here at RecPro.

This oval stop/tail/turn trailer light is a surface mount with direct wires, which is great for providing you with a seamless application. Surface-mounted devices (SMD) are a special, low-fuss type of LED light that are high powered yet energy efficient. Still extra bright and able to illuminate your path in the night, these lights won't eat up your power while doing so. Rated for 12V but tested to 13.8V, these lights are sturdy and powerful. The 10 LED lights are super bright and are placed over chrome or black (depending on your choosing) plastic bezel. With the engineered lens optics, the PC lens and housing are ultrasonically welded together, which creates a permanent and waterproof seal around the lights. Meeting DOT FMVS102/SAE requirements, these lights are bright enough to light your way in the night, keeping you safe and sound on your vacation.

Whether you are driving back from your adventure or just getting started, keeping the lights on your rig working well is essential to a safe and secure trip. With the bright LEDs to light the way, you can keep your vacation free of mishaps and accidents and you free of worry.

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  • Dimensions overall: 3 1/4" T
  • Dimensions overall: 7 1/2" W
  • Dimensions light: 2 1/4" T
  • Dimensions light: 6 3/8" W
  • 10 SMD LED Lights
  • Surface mount
  • Stop/tail/turn light
  • Direct lead wires
  • Super bright
  • Waterproof seal
  • Seamless application

Technical Data:

  • 12V
  • Meets DOT FMVSS102/SAE requirements


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