52" Universal Van Ladder

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  • 52" Universal Van Ladder
  • 52" Universal Van Ladder
  • 52" Universal Van Ladder
  • 52" Universal Van Ladder
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ladderThose who go traveling and camping with an RV or a camper are pretty familiar with the concept of limited space. Those who travel or camp with a van camper are even more familiar with having limited space, especially for storage. When you have a camper van, it is essential to make efficient use of as much space as possible, including the space on top of your van roof. You can easily access your van's roof with a 52" Universal Van Ladder from RecPro.

Adds Convenience To Your Van
Have you ever tried to reach the roof of a full-sized van or camper van without assistance? It can be quite a challenge! Stepping on the bumper to try and reach the top can provide you with some height, but often it isn't enough and could cause you to fall off. Gaining access to the roof of your van can be way more accessible and safer when you use our 52" Universal Van Ladder. With a sturdy heavy-duty van ladder such as ours, you can climb up to reach the roof of your van, making it easy to store or remove equipment as needed.


Reliable Strength
Our Universal Van Ladder is designed with strength in mind and is made right here in the USA. This universal van ladder has been constructed using versatile aluminum alloy material. This sturdy material offers tremendous strength and structural integrity, with the round tube measuring 0.09" thick and the steps measuring 0.093" thick. This aluminum material is impervious to rusting and resists corrosion. The small steel parts of this ladder, such as the screws, resist rust and corrosion. The result is a robust and durable ladder that can last you for years and offers a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs. The aluminum material of this sturdy ladder also makes it incredibly lightweight, weighing only 4.2lbs.


end capOur Universal Van Ladder is not only built using strong materials but is also designed to give you superior support and sturdiness. The design of this fantastic van ladder prevents it from wiggling, bending, and shifting as you climb, giving you greater security and confidence. The sidebar of the ladder is inserted through the steps. A tough plastic end cap is then inserted at the end of each step. A strong steel screw is inserted through the end cap, firmly fastening the step and sidebar together. The steps to our ladder are ergonomic, featuring small ridges that allow for better traction and grip while reducing slipping and sliding.



  • Screw stability holds the ladder together firmly
  • 250lb maximum weight capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Round tube thickness: 0.09” all around
  • Ergonomic steps
    • Ridged for better traction
    • Screwed tightly to the sidebars
    • 13 2⁄16“ total width
    • 10 ” usable width
    • ¾” step thickness
  • 0.093” aluminum material thickness all around
  • ~1" tube diameter
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • No wiggling or wobbling
  • Color options: Black or Silver
  • 52” H x 13 2⁄16” W x 9 ½” D
  • 4.2lbs


The Right Size For You
hookOur made-in-the-USA universal van ladder is sure to be the right size for you and is very easy to install. Simply hook the top over the edge of your van door and attach the bottom of the ladder to your door using eight screws. Screws and other installation tools and hardware are not included. This universal ladder measures 52" H by 13 2⁄16" W x 9 ½" D. The steps of this ladder have a total width of 13 2⁄16", with a usable width of 10 " and a step thickness of ¾". The RecPro universal van ladder is available in either silver or black.

bottom mount

Struggle No More
Camping should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, not a time of struggle and strife. Make sure you can easily reach the top of your camper van with the use of our 52" Universal Van Ladder. Speak with our helpful Customer Care Team members or use our website to get a universal van ladder for your camper van! If you have comments or questions on this camper van ladder, feel free to contact us over the phone or online.

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