50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male

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  • 50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male
  • 50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male
  • 50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male
  • 50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male
  • 50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male
  • 50 Amp RV Plug Replacement Male
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RV electrical connections can be tricky and without the proper equipment, you can get yourself into some pretty frustrating situations. If your extension cord, electrical adapter, or other electrical accessory has broken or become damaged, look no further than our wide selection of RV electrical accessories here at

A common and frustrating occurrence that can happen with RVs is called RV plug burn. As the shore power receptacle at the campground gets older and more worn, it can start to expand a bit. When you plug your shore power plug into this receptacle, it's loose enough not to create a secure and stable connection. You are still supplied power, however, the decreased connectivity between the receptacle and the plug causes the voltage to decrease. When this happens, the current increases, which in turn causes heat to build up at the receptacle and plug. Too much of this heat will cause the pins and even the plastic cover on the plug to melt. Once it's melted, you can't do much else with the plug other than to replace it. Because the damage occurred on the end of the extension cord, you are still able to use the cord itself, as long as you replace the plug end itself. And that's where this replacement power plug comes into the picture.

This RV Power Replacement Plug is for a 50AMP plug connection. It is rated for 125/250V, 6250/12500W, and 60Hz. It is UL Listed and CSA Certified. Included with the replacement plug is a grip that makes use easier on both your hands and the plug. There are installation instructions included, however, if you're unsure on how to properly and safely install it, please contact a certified electrician for assistance.

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  • RV Power 50AMP Replacement Plug with Grip
  • Replaces a plug that has been damaged due to RV plug burn
  • Type: 14-50P Plug
  • 125/250V
  • 6250W/12500W
  • 60Hz
  • Includes grip for easy use
  • UL Listed
  • CSA Certified
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