48V Air Conditioner for RV - 9.5K Low Profile AC Unit with Heat Pump and Remote Control Non-Ducted

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  • Black 48V 9.5K BTU air conditioner with plenum and remote.
  • Black 48V air conditioner side profile.
  • 48V air conditioner measurements.
  • 48V air conditioner features.  UV resistant casing. Variable fan speed with four modes. Efficient heating and cooling.
  • Low power usage. Max power draw of 30.3 amps. Max watts is 1450 watts. Cooling power is 24.8 amps.
  • Quiet and efficient. Very low decibels. Low amp draw. AC remote control. Allows control from anywhere in your RV.
  • Touch screen plenum. Low maintenance with washable return air filter. Compressor and coil icing protection.
  • Air conditioner plenum.
  • 48V black air conditioner bottom.
  • 48V air conditioner with no shroud.
  • 48V air conditioner with no shroud.
  • Air conditioner plenum top.
  • Black 48V 9.5K BTU air conditioner.
  • 48V black air conditioner bottom.
  • 48V black air conditioner back.
  • 48V black air conditioner front.
  • RecPro 48V black AC installed on the top of van.
  • Hand holding air conditioner remote.
  • Air conditioner remote.

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Life is an incredible adventure when you live in a camper van or an RV. However, all too often, those adventures can take you to areas that have very warm climates where the sun can beat down on you without mercy. Even in a campground that is shaded by trees and nature, the heat can often be unbearable and stifle any semblance of comfort. Many people resort to using a fan or opening windows to find some relief from the heat.

However, this can result in merely pushing hot air around or letting cooler air out of your rig. If you want to stay cool and comfortable in even the hottest of climates, then you need an RV Air Conditioner! If you are looking for an RV AC model that provides superb performance alongside exceptional efficiency, then look no further than the RecPro 48V RV Air Conditioner!

White 48V air conditioner side profile.

Small Design - Big Features
The RecPro 48V RV Air Conditioner features a low profile design that looks great and offers reduced drag while you are traveling, unlike larger, bulkier AC units. Despite its low-profile design, this AC unit is packed full of features that offer all sorts of benefits. For starters, this AC unit can be installed in a standard 14" x 14" roof opening, with a minimum roof thickness of 1" and a maximum of 2 ¾". Its smaller and lighter design gives it a mid-sized heating and cooling capacity, making it perfect for camper vans, RVs, and mobile homes.

Hand holding air conditioner remote.This RV AC comes with a remote control and a touch-screen plenum with LED lighting and 4 dimming modes that make it easy to control your AC and adjust its settings. The plenum can display a variety of settings and information, such as a clock/timer and temperatures displayed in either ℉ or ℃. Featuring low noise, low amp draw, and efficient heating and cooling in one device, it is easy to see that this small AC has big things in store for you.


  • Low profile design
  • Four air outlets
  • Efficient heat pump
  • Variable speeds
  • Remote control
  • Clock/Timer display
  • Touch screen plenum display
  • Cool, Fan, Dry, Heat, and Auto modes
  • Low, Medium, High, and Auto fan speeds
  • Reverse cycle refrigeration circuit
  • Washable return air filter
  • UV-resistant polymer casing
  • LED lighting with 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% brightness dimming modes

Touch screen plenum. Low maintenance with washable return air filter. Compressor and coil icing protection.

Excellent Performance and Energy Efficiency
Although smaller in size, this 48V AC is able to boast big-time performance and power efficiency. Four air outlets allow for a maximum airflow of 286 CFM and assist in quickly heating or cooling a room. Speaking of heating and cooling, this AC sports a cooling capacity of 9,500 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 9,000 BTU/h, further facilitated by a smoothly operating fan with variable low, medium, high, and Auto fan speeds.

Air conditioner plenum.The room temperature control feature even lets you set a desired temperature instructing the AC to keep the temperature at or near that point. This RV air conditioner is easy on your power system as well, especially with its low amp draw. It features a maximum current of only 6.3 Amps, with cooling and heating power inputs at about 1150 Watts and 1120 Watts, respectively.

Speaking of temperature control, our air conditioner offers superb heating efficiency thanks to its heat pump. Other AC models use a heat strip to warm air, which is both power inefficient and not very effective in warming the air. The heat pump in our air conditioner model is far more efficient and effective than a heat strip, as it pulls in air and cycles that air until it reaches your set temperature before pumping that air out into your RV.

  2800 3400
 dB Indoor High Speed 52 52
 dB Indoor Low Speed 43 47


  • Low amp draw
  • Low noise
  • Reduced drag during travel
  • No need to buy replacement air filters
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Low fan speed for quiet operation or high speed for quick cooling
  • Efficient heating and cooling in one device
  • Automatic coil defrosting in heating mode
  • Room temperature control to set point
  • Compressor and coil icing protection
  • Low maintenance
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty

Low power usage. Max power draw of 30.3 amps. Max watts is 1450 watts. Cooling power is 24.8 amps.


High Durability And Low Maintenance
What good is an air conditioner that breaks apart on you all the time? No good at all. Thankfully, the RecPro 48V RV air conditioner is built to last. It features long-lasting construction with a UV-resistant polymer casing, ensuring that the inner components and parts are safe and sound from damage. This AC unit also features compressor and coil icing protection, with automatic coil defrosting in heating mode.

This AC unit even comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, offering further protection and peace of mind. It is even super easy to keep this AC unit maintained. It is designed with a removable return air filter that is easily washable, eliminating the need for the purchase of additional filters or for frequent, complicated maintenance.

48V air conditioner features.  UV resistant casing. Variable fan speed with four modes. Efficient heating and cooling.

48 volt vs 12 volt power. 48 volt systems have lower current, higher efficiency, lower cost wiring, and smaller battery banks.

Technical Data:                  

  • Lead Wire Gauge: 8 AWG
  • Operating Voltage: 48V DC (45 - 60V)
  • Cooling Current: 16.5 - 26.2 Amps
  • Heating Current: 13.8 - 23.3 Amps
  • Maximum Input Power: 1650 Watts
  • Maximum Current: 34.5 Amps
  • Maximum Design Pressure: 4500kPa
  • Minimum Design Pressure: 3000kPa
  • Maximum Air Flow: 286 CFM
  • Installed Weight: 78 lbs
  • Refrigerant charged: R410A / 600g
  • Minimum Roof Thickness: 1” (25mm)
  • Maximum Roof Thickness: 2 ¾” (70mm)
  • *Air conditioner performance may diminish while driving at highway speeds, up to and including Error Code E5. If problem persists, reduce vehicle speed.
  • **Fan circulates inside air only.

High Comfort and Low Noise
The RecPro 48V RV Air Conditioner is designed to help you maximize your comfort without needing to make big sacrifices. This unit is built with a reverse-cycle refrigeration circuit, which allows it to either heat or cool your rig. Essentially, you get an air conditioner and a heater in one package. This unit has five different modes: Cooling, Fan Only, Dry (for dying humid air), Heat, and Auto. The fan of the AC unit can operate at variable speeds, with Low offering quiet and peaceful cooling or heating while High provides quick on-demand cooling or heating.

Quiet and efficient. Very low decibels. Low amp draw. AC remote control. Allows control from anywhere in your RV.


While this unit is efficient and effective, there are several things you can do to help it out. Humidity levels, sun load on the RV and the unit, and other factors can impact the temperature difference between the ambient air and the air that comes from the AC unit. When you're using the AC unit, make sure to give it about 15 minutes to warm up. This will allow the unit to properly adjust to the ambient temperature, giving you the best cooling capability from the unit. Park in a shaded area or at least extend your RV awning to keep more of the heat from the sun off of your RV.

Keep all windows and doors closed as well, using shades and blinds to prevent additional heat load from the sun from getting through the windows. Avoid using heat-producing appliances inside or limit their use when possible. You can also use a fan to keep the air moving. Keeping the temperature down inside your RV through these methods can help prevent the RV AC unit from becoming overloaded and can help bring the temperature down further.

To keep the unit working well, it's also important to maintain it, checking the various pieces and parts periodically and cleaning the condenser coils and air filter, as damage to any area within the unit can cause it to become limited in its cooling capacity and can cause further damage to the unit.

Enjoy Heating And Cooling With Efficiency
For a high-efficiency, high-quality RV AC unit that works with your 48V system, this model is perfect. From the high-quality internal system to the durable outer shell to the convenience features, this model is perfect for any RV, camper, tiny house, and more. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Air Conditioner / Heat Pump
  • Fits 14" x 14" roof openings
  • Power Supply: 48V DC (45V - 60V Operating Range)
  • Capacity: 9,500 BTU Cooling / 9,000 BTU Heat
  • Power Draw: 1380W Cooling / 1390W Heat
  • Non-ducted


  • Available in White or Black
  • Mid-sized capacity
  • Lighter and smaller footprint
  • Ideal for mid-sized caravans and mobile homes
  • Temperature displays in ℉ or ℃
  • Can be installed in a standard 14" x 14" roof opening

*If installed on a curved/mesa/grooved/otherwise not smooth and flat roof, you may need a frame or filler for the gaps as well as sealant. Any modifications to the AC unit itself will void the warranty.*

**DO NOT install on 110V systems. Input voltages at or above 100V DC will damage the air conditioning unit and will NOT be covered under warranty. The power supply voltage at the unit should be maintained between 45V DC to 60V DC.**

***If your power supply system uses any DC to DC Step Up Converters, they MUST be rated at least 2000 VA capacity at 122℉. Any panels connected to your power system should NEVER exceed a maximum PV open circuit voltage of 100V DC.***

48 volt air conditioner plenum measurements.

48 volt air conditioner measurements.
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