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48 Gallon RV Holding Tank 38" x 37 1/2" x 8" Elkhart Plastics EPI 0312H

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  • 48 Gallon RV Holding Tank 38" x 37 1/2"  x 8" Elkhart Plastics EPI 0312H
  • 48 Gallon RV Holding Tank 38" x 37 1/2"  x 8" Elkhart Plastics EPI 0312H



A black water tank in a recreational vehicle holds the waste from the RV’s sewer system. So this is a key component in the design of the recreational vehicle. You cannot afford to have a leak or rupture in this tank, or your campsite will be a mess. Over time, the original holding tank in your RV will wear out, so you may want to take steps before this happens and purchase a reliable replacement tank, such as the RecPro 48 Gallon RV Holding Tank. Our black water holding tank designs undergo significant testing procedures during and after the manufacturing process, ensuring that our customers receive high quality tanks that will last, even when used in tough environmental conditions. This tank measures 38” x 37.5” x 8” to match the dimensions of the OEM tank, ensuring it will slide into the same position as the original tank. With a tight fit, the new tank will not slide around while you’re driving, which could lead to a disastrous leak. With a large 48 gallon capacity, you will have to make fewer trips to the sewer station to empty the tank. Our manufacturer uses only the highest quality of materials when constructing these black water holding tanks. RecPro consistently delivers the most reliable aftermarket parts for RVs, giving our customers long lasting performance and a great value.


  • Length: 38”
  • Width: 37.5”
  • Depth: 8”
  • Wall Thickness: 0.180”
  • Capacity: 48 gallons
  • Outlet: 3”
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Made in USA

*Blank tank only - does not include intake or overflow port fittings. Fittings Kit is optional.*

Optional Fittings Kit Includes:

  • Three 1 1/2" grommets (requires 2 1/2" hole size)
  • One 3" Grommet (requires 4" hole size)
  • Three 1 1/2" ABS barbed coupler
  • One 3" ABS barbed coupler
  • Six Mini-Probe Tank Inserts (sensors)

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