4" Shower Handles White/Smoke with Hand Held Shower & Hose

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  • 4 inch diverter faucet with shower head and hose.
  • 4 inch diverter faucet.
  • 4 inch diverter faucet back view.
  • Standard hookups. Solid plastic will not rust. Durable plastic shower head and hose.
  • 4 inch diverter faucet front view.
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Do you like warm showers? Or maybe you like cold showers? Even if you're feeling a little lukewarm about the question, here at RecPro, we have a shower set sure to fit your needs and help you find the perfect temperature. Introducing the 4" shower handles with handheld shower and hose.

4 inch diverter faucet with shower head and hose.

Close up on the diverter handle.All the way back in ancient Egypt, baths were celebrated and embraced. All these years later, past Ancient Greece, Rome, and more, this hasn't changed. Of course, we have showers now, but hey, baths are still pretty cool too. With cold daily showers to wake you up, hot showers after a long day, or extra showers due to hiking all day in the hot sun, there are many ways to operate your shower. But one thing they all have in common is that you can control the temperature of the water. Temperature control is an important part of modern showers and without the proper valve system, you might end up with whatever water the world decides to give you.

Standard hookups. Solid plastic will not rust. Durable plastic shower head and hose.

Hand held shower head and hose.This shower handle/hose/handheld combo is the perfect solution if you want to revamp or repair your bathroom. Made of high-density plastic, it's rust-resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing. The simple white color of the base, hose, and handheld are great for giving you a clean, put-together look, while the stylized smoke handles give you that extra spark of interest in your shower's interior. With the handheld showerhead, you can maneuver your shower even in smaller spaces or spaces without the traditional shower wall-mount. Easy to install, use, and clean, this shower combo is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

4 inch diverter faucet measurements.

So whether you prefer hot, cold, or lukewarm, this shower system is the perfect tool for you. Clean, easy, and simple, it's the best bathroom addition for your RV. Go back to enjoying your shower with this set from RecPro.

Hand held shower head and hose measurements.


  • Dimensions: 4: L
  • Stylized crystal handles
  • Standard hook-ups
  • Colors: White/Smoke
  • Front-mounted
  • Solid plastic won't rust
  • White plastic hose
  • White plastic handheld shower head
  • Should not be cleaned with ammonia or harsh cleaning agents, as this can damage the surface
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