4" RV Faucet - Parchment

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  • 4" RV Faucet
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Measurement 4" RV Faucet Bathroom Accessory in Parchment
  • Parchment RV Bathroom Faucet
  • Parchment RV Bathroom Faucet
  • Parchment RV Bathroom Faucet
  • Parchment RV Bathroom Faucet
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RV Faucet in Parchment

RV Faucet

In your RV bathroom, the sink is often the centerpiece and, by extension, the faucet is not something to overlook. If you’re looking for a fancy faucet, we have those as well but if you’re looking for something simple yet attractive, you’ve found it right here.

This 4” RV faucet is perfect for a simple aesthetic and the parchment and smoke colors give just a hint of color. With the tough material, you won’t need to worry about rust. The body and handles are easy to clean and easy to operate, with the handles being labeled for both hot and cold. Sinks are used for cleaning and sanitation and you wouldn’t want your faucet to fight you on this. With the clean and sanitary exterior, you’ll have a faucet that does what you need. The stainless steel water filter at the end is a great addition that makes sure that not only is the sink clean, but the water is free of dirt and debris. With all the strainers in your water system, you are sure to have clean, fresh water.


Having the ability to control your water is an important feature in any RV, whether you love the fancy furnishings or whether you like to keep things simple. With the need for accessible water comes the need for sanitation, which is exactly what you’ll get with this faucet. The durable, rust-resistant exterior mixed with the easy-to-use handles creates a faucet perfect for your RV. With the simple parchment and smoke colors, you can have your down-to-earth color scheme with just a hint of flair.


  • 4” faucet
  • Color of faucet: Parchment
  • Color of handles: Smoke
  • Dimensions: 5” L (including handles and body)
  • Dimensions: 5” H
  • Dimensions: 6 ¼” W
  • Hot and cold labeled handles
  • Material: Plastic
  • Should not be cleaned with ammonia or harsh cleaning agents, as this can damage the surface


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